... edit a Parameter in a dialog

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... edit a Parameter in a dialog

A parameter-value in a dialog

In this example, the parameter is Dimension in the Dimension dialog, and the parameter-value is 300.


In the image, I have added three colored boxes



Parameter-value - the value, in the data-box, to edit and apply to the element.



Spin-Increment - the change to the parameter-value each time you click a Spin-Box arrow  - see Spin-Box tool


Spin-Box tool:  see more Spin-Box tool

Note: If you cannot see the Spin-Box tool:

Double-click with your mouse in the Parameter-value box

How to edit parameters in a dialog.

There are three different methods you can use to edit a value in the parameter box.

Click to exapand /collapseMethod 1: Keyboard
Click to exapand /collapseMethod 2: Spin-Box tool
Click to exapand /collapse Method 2A: Show / Hide the Spin-Box
Click to exapand /collapseMethod 3: Zero / Round / Copy / Paste