How to open a Dialog-Box

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How to open a Dialog-Box

Open an element's dialog-box

To build a model:

STEP 1: Add an element

see Menus and Toolbars

STEP 2: Open the element's dialog-box

- see below

STEP 3: Edit the element's parameters

see How to edit a Parameter in a Dialog-Box

How to open a Dialog-Box

There are many methods you can use to open an element's dialog-box.

With all methods, you must be able to select the element. We can select the element in three places:




Do one of these methods:

btn_delkeywordMethod 1: Use the Selection-Window
btn_delkeywordMethod 2: Double-Click the element
btn_delkeywordMethod 3: Right-Click the element
btn_delkeywordMethod 4: Edit toolbar > Edit Element tool

Special Cases:

btn_delkeywordTo edit a dimension in the Part-Editor
btn_delkeywordTo edit a Gear-Pair or 2D-Cam
btn_delkeywordTo edit an Extrusion
btn_delkeywordReasons you cannot edit an element