Dialog: Make Movie

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Dialog: Make Movie

Make Movie


Commercial video-recording software may not record each step of the model or a mechanism.

Also, MechDesigner may miss a step when you use the Cycle button to run the model.

You may see a small jump each time there is a missed step.

About Make Movie

Select the position and the size of the movie in the graphic-area.

Select the number of Frames

You can save the machine-cycle as a movie or as number of images. Each step in the movie is called a Frame. The Make Movie dialog-box records an exact number of frames or images, at equal increments of the Machine-Cycle.

Use Make Movie to record :

a movie, with a number of Frames, as the GIF file-type.

- or -

a number of images as PNG, JPG, or BMP file-types.

The file-name of each image is appended with a number.

How to open the Make-Movie dialog-box


1.Click File toolbar > Make Movie

- or -

1.Click File menu > Movie

The Make-Movie dialog-box is now open

Make-Movie dialog-box


Top-Tip - Before you open the dialog, do ALT+H to move the Master Machine Angle to zero(0).

tog_minusFrame Size and Position 
tog_minusFile-name and File-type 
tog_minusMake Movie...