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To build a model:

STEP 1: Add an element

- see Model Editor ; Mechanism Editor ; Part-Editor

STEP 2: Open the element's dialog-box

- see How to open a Dialog-Box

STEP 3: Edit the element's parameters

- see How to edit a Parameter in a Dialog-Box

STEP 4: Close the dialog-box

Do Steps 1 to 4, again and again

Usually, close the dialog-box before you open a different dialog-box




Replace Old Name with New Name

Model / Mechanism

Lighting, Synchronize Solids

Application Settings

General, Number-Format, Auto-Profiles, Accessibility, Colors, ...

Machine Settings

Machine Speed, # Steps in Machine-Cycle, Units

Element Properties

Read-Only -  an element's Motion and/or Force properties


Add Mechanism-Editor

Select a Plane, and OK the Command-Manager. No dialog.

Add or Edit Plane

Edit Angle of Plane or Offset of Plane

Profile / Extrusion

Edit a an Extrusion - the MD-Solid



New DXF File, DXF Units



> DXF tab >> DXF Layer Editor

Import DXF File, Convert Entities to MD Sketch-Elements.


CAD-Solid - import SOLIDWORKS or STL model

> Mass Properties

User Mass-Properties and SOLIDWORKS Mass-Properties

> STL Import

Import an STL file

> Display Options

Edit the Color, Transparency, ...

CAMS: 2D & 3D


Export 2D-Cam Coordinates, Analyze 2D-Cam

> Parameters

Edit the Start-Angle and Range (defaults are 0 and 360), Enable Lifetime, Edit Safety-Factor.

> Display

Display Colour Profile as: Cam-Profile, Pressure-Angle, Contact-Force, or Shear-Stress

> Roller Life

Edit the Roller bearing, enter factors for ISO 281 calculations

> Cam Life

Edit the Cam steel, Quality, Heat-Treatment, and Enter its Hardness

Conjugate Cam FB

Required for Force Analysis, Roller Life with Conjugate-Cams and Groove-Cams.

Cam-Data FB

Plot Contact-Force, or Shear-Stress, Radius-of-Curvature, Pressure-Angle, Sliding-Velocity


Calculate and Export 2D-Cam Coordinates


Calculate and Export Cam


Linear-Motion FB

Output is 0 - 360, again and again - a machine 'clock'.

Gearing FB

Linear equation applied to input motion values.

Motion FB

Link a Motion in MotionDesigner to the model

Motion-Dimension FB

Edit the Starting Angle or Position of a Motion-Part

Motion-Path FB

Edit the starting position of a Motion-Point

Point-Data FB

Measure Point's Position, Velocity and Acceleration.

Measurement FB

Measure Linear or Angular Position, Velocity and Acceleration.

Graph FB

Plot data

Graph Settings

Graph Display

Spring FB

Define a function for a Spring

Force-Data FB

Measure Force or Torque

CAD Control FB

Control SolidWorks mates from MechDesigner.


Glue Profiles together.

Math FB

User defined functions.

Statistics FB

Statistics of Element

Polynomial Fit FB

Fit Polynomials to Data-Values at its input-connector.

Parameter-Control FB

Edit the length of a 'static-dimension', Extrusion-Depth, Extrusion Offset. with a motion

Continuous Crank

Make a Crank rotate with a modulated speed

Modeling TOOLS


Add different dimensions and parameters to one dialog.

Briefcase FB

Put other FBs in a Briefcase - to make you model easier to review.

Make Movie

Produce a GIF file or series of PNG, JPG , of BMP images


Import XY data, convert to a curve


Copy solids multiple times in space and time.

OTHER Dialogs

Point Properties

Edit Position of a Point, Display Velocity and Acceleration Vectors.


Edit the Angle, Curvature, and Curvature-Rate at the start-Point and end-Point of a Blend-Curve


3D Joint for Spatial Mechanisms


Edit the module, number-of-teeth, mesh, ...

Rack-Pinion / Ball-Screw

Edit the module, number-of-teeth, ...


Number of Teeth on the Pulley.

Kinetostatic: Servo-motor and Gearbox Sizing

Size a Gearbox and Servo-motor for the Application.

Configure Power Source

To move a motor or other power source to the correct joint or cam


Dimension Value


Tutorial Videos

Play Tutorial Video

Example Models


Select Elements

Choose one or more elements for a list of elements

Dependent Elements

Show those elements that you will also delete if you can

View References

Elements that are referenced by another elements