Dialog: Servo and Gearbox Sizing

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Dialog: Servo and Gearbox Sizing

Kinetostatic Motor Torque and Speed dialog-box

Note: The options for a Linear Motor with a Slide-Joint will become available in a later release.

Use this dialog-box to:

select a Servomotor from the major servo manufacturers

select a Planetary Gearbox from the major gearbox manufactures

plot the Servomotor Torque and Speed curve; find the Maximum and RMS Torque values

plot the Load Torque-Speed curve in four quadrants

plot the Motor Torque and Speed in four quadrants; find the Maximum and RMS Torque values

find the Servomotor Duty Cycle as a percentage of the machine-cycle

upload your own database of Servomotors and Gearboxes.

btn_delkeywordTo Open the Kinetostatic Torque and Speed dialog-box
btn_delkeywordApplication (Load) Torque vs Speed plot
btn_delkeywordSTEP 1: Auto-Filter and Range-Factor
btn_delkeywordSTEP 2: Select a Gearbox Manufacturer
btn_delkeywordSTEP 3: Select a Gearbox Model
btn_delkeywordGearbox Parameters Check List.
btn_delkeywordGearbox Output Torque vs Speed plot
btn_delkeywordSTEP 4: Select a Servomotor Manufacturer
btn_delkeywordSTEP 5: Select a Servomotor Model
btn_delkeywordServomotor Parameters Check List.
btn_delkeywordServomotor Torque vs Speed plot

tog_minusWhy is the Motor Torque is different to the Mechanism Torque

tog_minusMore on Torque vs Speed Curves

tog_minusHow we calculate the Motor Torque and Motor Speed