After you rename an element, you should be able to identify the element-type from the element's icon.

Open Rename dialog-box


There are two ways to rename an element

Do the Windows® procedure:

1.Click, pause, click the element
2.Enter a new element name

- or -


Use the Rename dialog:

1.Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree or Selection-Window
2.Click Rename element in the contextual-menu

The Rename dialog-box is now open.

Rename dialog-box


Old Name Read-Only

New Name

1.Enter a New Name
2.Use the Enter key on your keyboard
3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 at the top of the dialog-box

Note: If you enter a New Name that is already in the Assembly-Tree, MechDesigner appends a number to the New Name.

Note-Pencil-20 Do not rename an element to a name that ends in a number (0, 1, ...9).

Note-Pencil-20 I frequently give the same name to all of the elements that contribute to the same function.


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