Rename dialog-box

Use this dialog to rename elements.

You should be able to identify the element from the element's icon.

How to Rename an Element


There are two ways to rename an element

Do the Windows® procedure:

1.'Click, pause, click' the element
2.Enter a new element name

- or -


Use the Rename dialog:

1.Right-click an element in the Assembly-Tree or Selection-Window
2.Click Rename element in the contextual-menu

The Rename dialog-box opens.


Old Name Read-Only

New Name

1.Enter a New Name
2.Use the Enter key on your keyboard
3.Click the OK-tiny-11-15 at the top of the dialog-box

Note: If you enter a New Name that is already in the Assembly-Tree, MechDesigner appends a number to the New Name.

Note-Pencil-20 Do not rename an element to a name that ends in a number [0....9].

Note-Pencil-20 I frequently give the same name to all of the elements that contribute to the same function.

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