Dialog: Rename

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Dialog: Rename


After you rename an element, you can identify the element-type from its icon. The icon is to the left of the element-name in the Element Explorer, and Selection-Window.

How to Rename an Element:

There are three(3) methods to rename an element:

Method 1: Rename dialog-box


This method applies to all elements you can click in the Graphic-Area, Assembly-Tree, Geometry-Tree, Kinematics-Tree, and Selection-Window.

Open the Rename dialog:

1.Click an element, in the graphic-area or the Element-Explorer, so that it shows in the Selection-Window

In the Selection-Window:

2.Right-click the element-name that you want to rename

3.Click Rename element in the contextual-menu

The Rename dialog-box is now open.

Enter a New Name to replace the Old Name:

1.Enter a New Name (add a Letter to the end of the New-Name e.g. NewName-A ; and not a number)

In this case, I have entered: Gear-Center-Line-A

2.Click OK-tiny-11-15 at the top to close the dialog-box.

Rename dialog

Rename dialog

Method 2: Name the Element with its dialog-box

MD-Add and Rename

When a dialog-box is open:

1.Double-Click the element-name  (in the white box) at the top of the dialog-box

2.Enter a new element-name

3.Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Unfortunately, not all element-types have a dialog-box with which you can rename the element.

Method 3: Rename elements in the Element-Explorer


Do the Windows® method:

1.Click, pause, click the element-name (in the Assembly-Tree or the Selection-Window)

2.Enter a new element-name  

3.Press the Enter key on your keyboard

Unfortunately, not all element-types show in the Assembly-Tree.