Model / Mechanism Options dialog-box

Use the Model / Mechanism Options dialog-box:

Synchronize tab: Synchronize CAD Files with CAD-Lines.
Lighting tab: Change the lighting in the graphic-area.
Ignore the third tab if it is made available to you!

How to open the Model Options dialog-box

1.Double-click the 'Model' or 'Mechanism' element that is at the top of the Assembly-Tree

- or -

1.Right-click the 'Model' or 'Mechanism' element that is at the top of the Assembly-Tree
2.Click 'Edit element...' in the contextual-menu

The Model dialog-box.

tog_minus        Synchronize CAD Files

A list of the CAD files that you have imported onto a CAD-Line shows in the CAD-File box. Each file has a 'traffic-light' to indicate if it is the latest file available.

There are three buttons we can use to reimport CAD files if they are not the latest CAD files.

hmtoggle_plus1        Background

You use the CAD-Line dialog-box | Solids tab to import Solids from CAD (usually SolidWorks). Thus, each Solid is linked to a CAD-Line.

When you save the Model, MechDesigner also saves the 'time-stamp'* of each SolidWorks document.

We use the time-stamp to find if the SolidWorks document on your disc has the same time-stamp and 'up-to-date'. If the document is more recent, then the file can be Synchronized.

* Time-stamp : the time at which the file was last saved to disk by SOLIDWORKS.

CAD-File box:

Owning Element

CAD-Lines that have a link to a CAD file. Each CAD-Line has a 'traffic-light'.

The 'traffic-lights' indicate whether the time-stamp [see 'Background' above] of the CAD file:

CadFile-red  Is older than the CAD-Line d-disk. Thus, you can use the 'Buttons' to re-synchronize the CAD-Line again with the CAD file.

CAd-File-green  Has the same 'time-stamp', as the CD file on your hard-disk.

Cad-File-amb  Is active in your CAD program.

CAD File Path

The Path and Name of the CAD file that has a link to the CAD-Line. When you import a Solid from SolidWorks it has the .SLDPRT file extension.

The CAD file is either:

Cad-FileFound Found on your hard-disk

Cad-File-Notound Not Found on your hard-disk

Source File Path

The 'Solid' file, with the .STL extension, that we import on to the CAD-Line.

Usually, the Solid has the same file name as the source CAD-File, but it has the .STL file extension.


Control Buttons:

[ 'To Synchronize' : To check you have the most up-to-date SolidWorks file and, if needed, import it again.

Note: It is best to start SolidWorks before you use these buttons.

Synchronize all files
a.Click the Synchronize all files button
Synchronize Files
a.CTRL+Click each CAD file in the list
b.Click the Synchronize Files button
Find Selected File
a.Click a CAD file in the list
b.Click the Find Selected File button
c.Browse to find a File that MechDesigner cannot find.

tog_minus        Lighting


Use the Lighting tab to edit the lighting for your model. Experiment!

Group Lights Editor

The slider controls those 'Affected Lights' that have a 'check' in the check-box

1.Click each 'Affected Light' check-box to make active a set of lights.
Light Number 0 to 5
2.Use the sliders to change their:
Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular Light Levels


It is often better to decrease Ambient Light Levels, and increase Diffuse and Specular Light Levels to view Solids and SOLIDWORKS Parts. I usually set one light at 1,1,1 - so it is from over my right-hand shoulder!


Individual Light Editor

To turn on or off each light and to control its source point

1.Use the drop down box to select a light (Light 1 to 6)
2.Click the check box to turn the light that is in the drop-down list on or off.
3.Enter numbers into the X, Y, Z and W Position boxes to change the direction of the light in the drop-down box.
±X, ±Y ±Z directions for each light
W - not sure how this works!

An External Link to Light : Good Luck!



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