Select Elements

The Select Elements dialog-box will open if there is ambiguity as to which element or Elements you need to select to continue or complete a command.


When you do a command, you need to select elements of different element-types.

As you select an element, you may actually click more than one element - and MechDesigner need to know which element you want to select.

It that case, the Select-Elements dialog-box opens. It lists ALL of the elements you clicked.

To continue with the command, you must select ALL of the elements you need to continue the command.

Remember, you must:

Ctrlb + Click the element you need - even if you have already selected it before this dialog opened.

- or -

Ctrlb + Click ALL of the elements you need to continue the command.

How to use the Select Elements dialog



1.Ctrlb + Click ONE or ALL the elements you need to continue or complete the command.

The OK-tiny-11-15 at the top of the dialog becomes colourized when you have selected the elements to continue the command.

2.Click OK-tiny-11-15 to close the dialog-box

You may need to continue the command:

3.Click other elements
4.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager


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