Select Elements dialog-box

MechDesigner opens the Select Elements dialog-box if there is ambiguity as to which elements you must select to do a command.

There is 'ambiguity', for example, when you click two or more elements in the graphic-area with one mouse-click, and the command needs only one element to complete the command.

The dialog list the elements that are not ambiguous and ambiguous.

You must start the selections again to complete the command, or to continue with the command-manager selections.

Note-Pencil Use the CTRL key to select more than one element.


MechDesigner lists the elements you have clicked when you are use a command to add an element, but there becomes ambiguity as to which element to use.

To complete the command you must select all of the elements you need to complete, or continue, with the command:

Element's that are not ambiguous
Element's that are ambiguous

How to use the Select Elements dialog


Start the selections in the dialog-box you need for the command again.


1.Ctrlb + Click ALL of the elements you need to complete the command

The OK-tiny-11-15 mark at the top-left of the dialog becomes green when you have selected enough elements to do the command.

You must see the 'tick' mark to see that your selections are good to complete the command.

2.Click OK-tiny-11-15

Now, you may need to also:

4.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager


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