Dialog: Select Elements

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Dialog: Select Elements

Select Elements

If there is ambiguity as to which Element(s) to select with a command, the Select Elements dialog-box opens automatically.

E.g.: Add Pin-Joint - and you click three Points. You must select two Points in the Select-Elements dialog-box.

Select-Elements dialog-box

Select-Elements dialog-box

Select-Elements dialog-box

To select the elements, do:

1.MD-Ctrlb + Click to select ALL elements you need for the command.

The MD-OK-tiny-11-15 becomes colorized only after you all of the select element(s) that are consistent with the active command.

2.Click MD-OK-tiny-11-15 to close the Select-Elements dialog-box

If the Command-Manager is also active:

3.Continue to select the elements, as required.

and / or

4.Click MD-OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager to complete the command.