Dialog: View References

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Dialog: View References

Show Element References

See also: Delete Dependent Elements

Many elements reference, or need, other elements.

Show Element References is a list of those elements that must be in the model to build a more complex element.

Selection--Window: Right-Click

Selection--Window: Right-Click

To see the Element References for an element:

1.Click an Element in the Graphics-Area or the Assembly-Tree

2.Right-click the element in the Selection-Window

3.Click Show Element References in the contextual-menu

The pop-up List References for: element-name will show.

Element References interface

Element References interface

The pop-up shows the

Reference Element name


Reference Element Type

Reference Element Owner

E.g. When you add a Pin-Joint, you select two Points in two different Parts.

Thus, the Pin-Joint references the two Points which are owned by the Parts.