Slider-Set 2

We will join the tool to the Belt at two separate 'anchor' Points, like Pins on a Chain.

In this Step, we use a new set of Piggyback Sliders to give the second 'anchor' point.

This Piggyback Slider Set is the same as the first set, but it runs before[ahead of, sooner than] the Master-Machine-Angle by 30º.

This means we can have 12 Tools along the length of the Belt. (360/30 = 12)

There is far less to model that the first Piggyback Sliders. We can:

Reuse the horizontal Line in the Base-Part.
Reuse the X and Y motions for the Sliders.

NOTE: Remember - you can use the Motion-Path tool to add as many Motion-Points along the Motion-Path as you like. However, we do not have a Motion-Path in this Tutorial.

See Tutorial 16: Motion-Path FB and Blend-Curves

tog_plusAdd Piggyback Sliders - Slider Set 2

Add the new Sliders:

We give names: X-Slider1 and Y-Slider1 to the Sliders we added in Step 15.1. Here we will add two new Sliders, We will rename them to X-Slider2 and Y-Slider2.


STEP 1: Add Sliding-Part, to the same Line as 'X-Slider1'
STEP 2: Edit the new Sliding-Part, Add a Vertical Line. Close the Part-Editor
STEP 3: Add a Sliding-Part to the vertical Line
STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to the Sliding-Part that moves along the horizontal Line - rename it to X-Slider21s-red

Tip: When you select the Slide-Joint as the first element for the Motion-Dimension FB, it not easy to identify the 'narrow rectangles' on the Line in the Base-Part as they are identical. It is easier to identify and select the 'wide rectangle2s' on the moving Part.

STEP 5: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to the Sliding-Part that moves along the vertical Line - rename it to Y-Slider23s
STEP 6: Edit the Base-Value of the new Motion-Dimension FBs to the same as the First set of Piggyback Sliders

Tip: Use Step forward a number of times to move the first Slider-Set along the Belt path.

Add the Function-Blocks

QST15-2-2The two Motion FBs at the bottom of the image7s are connected to the existing X-Slider and Y-Slider.

STEP 1: Add two Motion FBs
STEP 2: Edit the Motion FBs: Link one to 'X' motion, and the other to 'Y' motion - see Step 15.1
STEP 3: Rename the Motion FBs correspondingly to X21s-red and Y22s
STEP 4: Add a Gearing FB3s
STEP 5: Edit the Gearing FB3s. Edit the 'After Gear Ratio' parameter to 30
STEP 6: Connect the existing Linear-Motion FB4s to the Gearing FB
STEP 7: Connect the Gearing FB to the two Motion FBs5s
STEP 8: Connect the Motion FB called Y22s to Y-Slider26s
STEP 9: Connect the Motion FB called X21s-red to X-Slider26s

When you cycle the mechanism, Slider2 set is ahead of Slider1 set by 30º of the MMA.

There are two sets of Sliders: Slider-Set 1 and Slider-Set 2.

Each Slider Set can trace out the path of the Belt. See Add menu > Mechanism sub-menu > Add Point-Trace

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