Step 15.3 New Slider Set - Different Phase

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Step 15.3 New Slider Set - Different Phase

Slider-Set 2

We will join the tool to the Belt at two separate 'anchor' Points, like Pins on a Chain.

In this Step, we use a new set of Piggyback Sliders to give the second 'anchor' point.

This Piggyback Slider Set is the same as the first set, but it runs before (ahead of, sooner than) the Master-Machine-Angle by 30º.

This means we can have 12 Tools along the length of the Belt. (360/30 = 12)

With this Piggyback Sliders. We can:

Use again the horizontal Line in the Base-Part for the X-Slider.

Use again the X and Y motions for the the X and Y Sliders.

NOTE: Remember - you can use the Motion-Path tool to add as many Motion-Points along the Motion-Path as you like. However, we do not have a Motion-Path in this Tutorial.

See Tutorial 16: Motion-Path FB and Blend-Curves

Add Piggyback Sliders - Slider Set 2

Add the new Sliders:

We give names: X-Slider1 and Y-Slider1 to the Sliders we added in Step 15.1. Here we will add two new Sliders, We will rename them to X-Slider2 and Y-Slider2.

Two Sets of Pibbyback Slider

Two Sets of Pibbyback Slider

STEP 1: Add Sliding-Part, to the same Line as X-Slider1

STEP 2: Edit the new Sliding-Part, Add a vertical Line. Close the Part-Editor

STEP 3: Add a Sliding-Part to the vertical Line

STEP 4: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to the Sliding-Part that moves along the horizontal Line - rename it to X-Slider2Red-14-1b

Tip: When you select the Slide-Joint as the first element for the Motion-Dimension FB, it not easy to identify the 'narrow rectangles' on the Line in the Base-Part as they are identical. It is easier to identify and select the 'wide rectangleRed-14-2' on the moving Part.

STEP 5: Add a Motion-Dimension FB to the Sliding-Part that moves along the vertical Line - rename it to Y-Slider2Red-14-3

STEP 6: Edit the Base-Value of the new Motion-Dimension FBs to the same as the First set of Piggyback Sliders

Add the Function-Blocks

Function-Blocks for Pibbyback Sliders

Function-Blocks for Pibbyback Sliders

STEP 1: Add two Motion FBs

STEP 2: Edit the Motion FBs: couple one to 'X' motion, and the other to 'Y' motion - see Step 15.1

STEP 3: Rename the Motion FBs correspondingly to X2Red-14-1b and Y2Red-14-2

STEP 4: Add a Gearing FBRed-14-3

STEP 5: Edit the Gearing FBRed-14-3. Edit the 'After Gear Ratio' parameter to 30

STEP 6: Connect the existing Linear-Motion FBRed-14-4 to the Gearing FB

STEP 7: Connect the Gearing FB to the two Motion FBsRed-14-5

STEP 8: Connect the Motion FB called Y2Red-14-2 to Y-Slider2Red-14-6

STEP 9: Connect the Motion FB called X2Red-14-1b to X-Slider2Red-14-6

The two Motion FBs at the bottom of the imageRed-14-7 are connected to the existing X-Slider and Y-Slider

When you cycle the mechanism, Slider2 set is in front of Slider1 set by 30º of the MMA.