File | Make Movie

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File | Make Movie


File menu / toolbar > Make Movie (video)

What :

To record and save a movie (GIF file-type only)

- or -

To record and save a sequence of images (JPEG, JPG, PNG and BMP file-types)

Each image has a number appended to it. The numbers are 000, 001, 002, ...

You can edit the position, size and number of movie-frames.

Dialog :

Make Movie dialog-box

Notes :

The GIF format is a VERY large file when the frame-size or number of frames is large.

The number-of-images will equal the number-of-frames parameter you enter in the Make Movie dialog-box.

Top-Tip - Before you do File menu > Make Movie, do:

1. Run menu > Home


1.ALT+H key combination