File menu / toolbar > Make Movie [video]


Make Movie dialog-box

Use to:

For a range of the machine-cycle, up to two machine-cycles, save:

a movie [video],


a sequence of images that are numbered starting at 000, 001, 002, ...

You can edit the position and size of the 'movie-frame'.


Top-Tip - Before you use do File menu > Make Movie, Click Run menu > Home.

If you save the movie as:

movie-name.GIF ; you save the movie to a single file'. [Note: The GIF format is a VERY large file when the frame-size is large].
image-name.JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, or .BMP ; you save a numbered sequence of images, or 'frames'.

The number-of-images will equal the number-of-frames parameter in the Make Movie dialog-box.

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