Add Equal



Constraints toolbar


Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Constraints sub-menu > Add Equal

What to do:

The Equal constraint applies to the length or radii of sketch-elements.

Click Add Equal Constraint, then click:

Two Lines, including the CAD-Line

- or -

Two Arcs or Two Circles

- or -

an Arc and a Circle


The Lines become equal in length

- or -

The Arcs become equal in radii


Click the two sketch-elements, not their dimensions
Add a dimension to none or only one of the two sketch-elements
You can make many sketch-elements equal to one sketch-element

'Equal' Constraints in the Graphic-Area, Selection-Window and Geometry-Tree.




In Selection-Window &

Geometry-Tree as...

geometry-equal line

geometry-equal line af

Two Line

Equal in Length


geometry-equal circle bf

Geometry-equal circle af

(Circle or Arc) + (Circle or Arc)

Equal in Radius



If you want to make an array of equally spaced Points, then:

1.Add, end-to-end, a number of Lines (use Coincident Constraint)
2.Add Equal constraints to the Lines
3.Add Coincident constraints to the Lines to make them collinear (select a Line and then a Point in the adjacent Line).

The Lines become a long, straight, line with equally spaced Points'

4.Dimension the total distance or a single Line.


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