About the Part-Editor

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About the Part-Editor

2r Part-Editor

See: Why edit a Part?

Use the Part-Editor to

edit the length of a Part

add sketch-elements to Parts and the Base-Part.

After you add sketch-elements:

add dimensions

add constraints

You can edit one Part at a time.

To edit a different Part:

1.Close the Part-Editor

Select a different Part:

2.Start the Part-Editor again

Part-Editor workspace

Part-Editor: Example

Part-Editor: Example

Graphic-Area : shows sketch-elements, dimensions, Part-Axes.

Toolbars : are to the left and right of the graphic-area.

Name-tabs : are above the graphic-area. The name of the tab changes from the name of the Mechanism-Editor to the name of the Part.

Menus and Toolbars:

Geometry menu and toolbar to add sketch-elements.

Constraints menu and toolbar to add constraints to, or between, sketch-elements.