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Part-Editor - Constraints Menu and Toolbar

In the Part-Editor, use the Constraints menu and toolbar to add Constraints.

You can add Constraints

oto a sketch-element

obetween two sketch-elements

obetween a sketch-element and the X-axis or Y-axis

See below: Why cannot I add another Constraint?

See below: How to Delete a Constraint.

See also: Geometry menu and toolbar

Part-Editor: Constraints menu

Constraints menu

Constraints menu

Part-Editor: Constraints Toolbar

Part-Editor > Constraints toolbar is to the RIGHT of the graphic-area.

Constraints toolbar

Constraints toolbar

How to Delete a Constraint

You cannot see Constraints in the graphic-area.

To DELETE a Constraint from a sketch-element, you must first show the Constraint in the Selection-Window.

To show a Constraint in the Selection-Window:

1.SHIFT+CLICK a sketch-element


1.SHIFT-Click a start-Point, end-Point, or a center-Point

The Constraints that apply to the sketch-element or Point are now in the Selection-Window.

To delete the Constraint:

In the Selection-Window:

2.Right-click the Constraint

In the contextual-menu:

3.Click Delete element

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