Geometry | Concentric

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Geometry | Concentric

Add Concentric


Toolbar :

Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Concentric

Menu :

Part-Editor: Add menu > Geometry sub-menu> > Constraints sub-menu > Add Concentric

A Circle (or Arc) and Circle (or Arc) :


1.Part-Editor: Click Constraints toolbar > Add Concentric

2.Part-Editor: Click a Circle (or Arc)

3.Part-Editor: Click a different Circle (or Arc)


The Circe (and/or Arcs) becomes Concentric - their center-Points become coincident.

Delete Concentric

1.SHIFT+CLICK a sketch-element with an Concentric constraint

The sketch-element and Concentric constraint show in the Selection-Window.

2.Right-click the Concentric constraint in the Selection-Window

3.Click Delete in the contextual-menu