... edit the Length of a Part?

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... edit the Length of a Part?

How to edit the Length of a Part, or to edit a Dimension

To edit the length of a Part is one of basic tasks.

Key Learnings

How to start the Part-Editor to edit a Part

In the Part-Editor: deselect an active command, if necessary.

To open the Dimension dialog-box: double-click the arrowhead or extension line of a dimension, or see How to edit open a dialog-box

NOTE: If you double-click the dimension-value itself, the Dimension dialog-box will NOT open.


Start the Part-Editor.

See also: How to start the Part-Editor

For example:

STEP 1: Double-Click the Part-Outline of the Part you want to edit


You are now using the Part-Editor.


To edit a dimension:

STEP 2: Double-Click the arrowhead of the dimension

The Dimension dialog-box opens.

STEP 3: Enter a new dimension

There are four(4) methods to use:

Method 1) Enter a new dimension directly with your keyboard

Method 2) Enter an equation with your keyboard

Method 3) Use the spin-box tool

Method 4) Right-click the data-box, then click Zero, Round, Copy or Paste.

1.Click the MD-OK-smallest to close the dialog.


Methods 1 and 2 : Direct and Equation: Click the ENTER key (EnterKEy-Simple24-bkg242) on your keyboard to update the dimension to the new value.

Method 3: Spin-Box: The dimension AND the model updates immediately - if the model is large, there is a delay after each click

Method 4 Round: The Dimension changes to the nearest value that is exactly divisible by the Spin-Increment


More on Method 2 : EQUATIONS:

Simple Arithmetic: +, –, *,  ∕

Powers: ^, Sqrt()

Trigonometric (Angle in Radians)

oSin(), Cos(), Tan(),

oSihn, Cosh, Tansh

oArcSin(), ArcCos(), ArcTan2( ; )