How do I edit the Length of a Part?

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How do I edit the Length of a Part?

How to edit the Length of a Part, or to edit a Dimension

To edit the length of a Part is one of the most fundamental actions you must do to model kinematic-chains.

You must use the Part-Editor to edit a Part.

Key Learnings

Edit a Part in the Part-Editor.

You cannot edit a dimension if Add Dimension is active.

You MUST cancel (deselect) Add Dimension before you can edit a Dimension.

Double-click the arrowhead or extension line of a dimension to open the Dimension dialog.

Nothing will happen if you double-click the dimension value (the number itself).


Start the Part-Editor.

See here: How to start the Part-Editor

For example:

STEP 1: Double-Click the Part-Outline of the Part you want to edit


You are now using the Part-Editor.

To edit a dimension:

STEP 2: Double-Click the arrowhead of the dimension


STEP 3: Enter a new dimension in the Dimension dialog-box

You can type in a new dimension in the box

You must use the ENTER key to confirm the new dimension before you use the 'OK' button.

- or -

Use the spin-box tool




STEP 3: Right-click the Dimension Value and select 'Round'

The Dimension changes to the nearest value that is exactly divisible by the 'Spin-Increment'.

In this example, the Spin-Increment = 10.

Thus the new dimension will round to become 130.



STEP 3: Enter an equation into the data box. Use the Enter key to apply the equation.

Simple Arithmetic: +, –, *,  ∕

Powers: ^, Sqrt()

Trigonometric: Angle in Radians

oSin(), Cos(), Tan(),

oSihn, Cosh, Tansh

oArcSin(), ArcCos(), ArcTan2( ; )