... start the Part-Editor

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... start the Part-Editor

How to start (open) the Part Editor

See also: How to close the Part-Editor

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The Part-Editor can edit one Part at a time.

To edit a different Part, you must close the Part-Editor to return to the Mechanism-Editor, and then edit the different Part.

Video: How to start the Part-Editor:

5-Methods to Start-the-Part-Editor

How to start the Part-Editor - more details

To start (open) the Part-Editor, do one these methods.

btn_delkeyword        METHOD 1: Edit-Part icon

btn_delkeyword        METHOD 2: Selection-Window  

btn_delkeyword        METHOD 3: Double-Click

btn_delkeyword        METHOD 4: Right-Click

Occasionally, there is a problem with a Graphic-Card

With some graphics cards, you cannot select the Part-Outline to edit a Part. Try these methods:

Select the Part-Outline near start-Point.

Select the Part-Outline near start-Point.

Method 1: Graphic-area

1.Move your mouse-pointer above the arc of the Part-Outline

2.Double-click your mouse

Method 2: Selection-Window

1.Move your pointer above the arc of the Part-Outline - see image

2.Click your mouse one time.

Then, in the Selection-Window:

3.Right-Click the Part

4.Click Edit element

OR Double-click the Y-axis

OR Double-click the Y-axis

Method 3:


1.Double-click the Y-axis to edit a Part,

Select a Part in the Assembly-Tree

Select a Part in the Assembly-Tree

Method 4:


In the Assembly-Tree

1.Right-Click the Part

2.Select Edit element in the shortcut menu.