If a sketch-element is the child of a different element in the Mechanism-Editor - e.g. a Profile/Extrusion is a child to a sketch-element  - then you must delete the child element first.

To delete the sketch-element that has as a child a Profile element.

1.Close the Part-Editor
2.Delete the Profile Element
3.Start the Part-Editor
4.Delete the sketch-element

Note: to delete a Polyline, a child to a Gear-Pair or 2D-Cam, you must first, delete the parent Gear-Pair or 2D-Cam in the Mechanism-Editor.


In the Part-Editor

1.Hover + Right-Click the element in the graphic-area
2.Click the delete icon in the contextual icon palette.
3.If you Drag a Window to select many element, use your DEL key to delete all of the elements in the Window.


Alternatively, in the Part-Editor

1.Click the element in the graphic-area

The element show in the Selection-Window.

2.Right-click the element in the Selection-Window
3.Click 'Delete...' in the contextual-menu

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