Step 3.2: Add Lines & Arcs as Sketch-Loop

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Step 3.2: Add Lines & Arcs as Sketch-Loop

Objective of this Step:

Define a sketch-path and sketch-loop and where it may be used.

Understand the difference between Merged-Points and Coincident Points

Add Line and Arc sketch-elements to give a sketch-loop.

Definitions of Sketch-Path and Sketch-Loop

A sketch-Path is a minimum of two sketch-elements, in which the start-Point of second sketch-element is MERGED with end-Point of first sketch-element.  You can continue to merge the start-Points of more sketch-elements to extend the sketch-path.

A Sketch-Loop is a Sketch-Path that is also made into a continuous, closed loop, with all end-Points merged

Why add a Sketch-Loop?

Sketch-loop/sketch-path are important constructions in MechDesigner.

We need sketch-paths / sketch-loops for Belt Paths, Chain Paths, Gear Trains, and Extrusion for MD-Solids.

Video of Tutorial 3.2 - Add Sketch-loop with Lines and Arcs

Add 3 Lines and 3 Arcs as sketch-Loop

Add Coincident and Merge-Points compared.

tog_minusConstraints toolbar: Add Coincident-Constraint
tog_minusGeometry toolbar : Merge-Points

Merge-Point to add Sketch-Loop with Hover Technique

tog_minusSummary of Hover Technique
tog_minusAdd Sketch-Loop of Lines and Arcs with Hover Technique