Step 3.3: Add Tangent Constraints

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Step 3.3: Add Tangent Constraints

Summary of this Step

We want the shape to be a nice shape. Thus, we will add Tangent Constraints between the Lines and Arcs.

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Add Tangent Constraint


GST-Icon-SE-Tangent Where is the Tangent Constraints icon?

Right of graphic-area in the Part-Editor

Part-Editor: Constraints toolbar > Add Tangent Red-14-3

When you add a constraint between two sketch-elements, you can use two techniques.


STEP 1: Click the first sketch-element – say an Arc

STEP 2: Click the second sketch-element – say a Line

Note: If you accidentally miss the second sketch-element, you must select the two sketch-elements again.



STEP 1: Hover + Click above the LineRed-14-1b AND ArcRed-14-2 at the same time, together.

STEP 2: Click when the two sketch-elements become red

Note: If you accidentally miss the sketch-elements, try again, or use Technique 1.


STEP 3: Do Technique 1 or 2 again for the five other Tangents.