Summary of the Step

We add Coincident Constraints so that the length of the sketch-loop at its base is always equal to the length of the Part.

tog_minusAdd Coincident relationships


Icon-SE-Coincident Click Add Coincident constraint 1GS in the Constraints toolbar [right of graphic-area]


STEP 1: Click Add Coincident in the Constraints toolbar [the toolbar is to the right and vertical side of the graphic-area]
STEP 2: Click a Point1s-red that is at the centre of the Arc to the right of the sketch

See image

STEP 3: Click a Point2s at the end of the CAD-Line2s


Step 3 is complete

Notice, in the image above, that the Points at the centre of Arcs2s (and Circles, also) are small '+', and not an 'o'.

When the two Points are Coincident, they look like: 'CirclePlus'.

When the two Points are Merged, it looks like: '+'.


Add Coincident Constraints with other two arcs in the sketch-loop.

Coincident: Point and Point

STEP 4: Click the centre-point of the Arc near to the origin and the Point at the Origin3s

Coincident: Point and YAxis

STEP 5: Click the centre-point of the Arc4s and the vertical Y-axis5s

Step 5 is complete

The centre-point of each Arc is coincident with CAD-Line Points and Y-axis.

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