Step 5.4: MMA, Kinematic Function-Blocks, Graph FB

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Step 5.4: MMA, Kinematic Function-Blocks, Graph FB

Basic Function-Blocks

In this Step, we review the:

The Master-Machine-Angle

Three of the basic Kinematic FBs that we use most frequently

Make a plot of motion-values with a Graph FB

The Master Machine Angle (MMA) 'Function-Block'

Basic Kinematic Function-Blocks

To add these Function-Blocks (FBs) to the graphic-area:

1.Click the Function-Block you want to add to the model in the Add menu or the Kinematic-FB toolbar

2.Click in the graphic-area.

The Function-Block is in the graphic-area.

tog_minusThe Linear Motion FB
tog_minusThe Gearing FB
tog_minusThe Motion FB

Plot motion-values with a Graph FB

To find the motion-values at the output-connector of a FB, simply connect a wire from its output-connector to the input-connector of a Graph FB.

Remember, when you connect an output-connector to an input-connector with a wire, the motion-values are the same at the output-connector and the input-connector, because they see the same wire.

tog_minusLinear Motion FB
tog_minusGearing FB
tog_minusMotion FB