Function-Blocks (FBs)

MechDesigner is different to normal CAD. Parts move in MechDesigner! Motion is within MechDesigner's kernel, and not added later to a 'standard CAD' package.

We use Function-Blocks to specify how a motion is specified for a Part.

Function-Blocks (FBs) can be divided in to two types. They are:

FBs that specify or measure the motion [and Force at Joints] of Kinematic elements [Parts and Joints] - we call these 'Kinematic-FBs'.
FBs that we use for modeling - we call these 'Modelling-FBs'.

Note: We will show the FBs that we use for Force Analysis in a later tutorial.

The Kinematic-FB menu

The Function Blocks in the Add menu

The Kinematic Function Blocks in the Add menu

This Tutorial

This Tutorial shows you how to add, connect and use the Kinematic Function-Blocks, so that you can make your kinematic-chains move.

For convenience, we will connect wires to the input-connectors of a Graph FB to help us you understand how the motion-values are changed by each Function-Block.

Icon-FB-MotionDimension Use Function-Blocks

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