Function-Blocks (FBs)

Note: MechDesigner is different to normal CAD. Parts move in MechDesigner! Motion is within MechDesigner's kernel, and not added later, as with 'standard CAD' software.

There are two type of Function-Blocks:

Function-Blocks that specify or analyse the motion of Parts- we call these Kinematic-FBs.
Function-Blocks that we use for modelling - we call these Modelling-FBs.

In this tutorials we will learn the basic applications of the main Kinematic FBs

Note: We will show Function-Blocks that we use for Force Analysis in a later tutorial.

The Kinematic-FB menu

The Kinematic-FBs are in the Add menu.

Kinematics FB toolbar

The Kinematic FB toolbar is to the right (>>}of the graphic-area

The Function Blocks in the Add menu

The Kinematic Function Blocks in the Add menu


This Tutorial

We add, connect, and use the Kinematic Function-Blocks, so that you can plan how and when to make kinematic-chains move.

We plot the motion-values at the output from each Function-Block, we connect wires to the input of a Graph FB to plot motion-values. This is not normally necessary. But, it will help communicate how the motion-values change with each Function-Block.

Icon-FB-MotionDimension Use Function-Blocks

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