Function-Blocks (FBs)

MechDesigner is different to normal CAD. Parts move in MechDesigner! Motion is within the kernel of MechDesigner, and not added to 'static CAD' sometime later.

Function-Blocks (FBs) can be divided in to two types. They are:

FBs that specify or measure the motion of Parts and Points - we call these the 'Kinematic-FBs'.
FBs that add and define different Machine elements - we call these the 'Modelling FBs'.

The Kinematic-FB menu

The 'Golden' Function Blocks in the Toolbar

The 'Golden' Function Blocks in the Toolbar

This Tutorial

This Tutorial shows you how to add, connect and use the Kinematic Function-Blocks, so that you can make your kinematic-chains move.

We connect wires to a Graph FB. Each graph helps us you understand how the motion-values are changed by each Function-Block.

Icon-FB-MotionDimension Use Function-Blocks

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