Tutorial 5: Basics: Function-Blocks for Motion

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Tutorial 5: Basics: Function-Blocks for Motion

Function-Blocks (FBs)

Note: MechDesigner is different to normal CAD. Parts move in MechDesigner. Motion is within MechDesigner's kernel, and not added later, as with other 'standard CAD' software.

There are two type of Function-Blocks:

Function-Blocks that specify or analyze the motion of Parts - we call these Kinematic-FBs.

Function-Blocks that we use for modeling - we call these Modeling-FBs.

In this tutorial we will learn the basic applications of the main Kinematic FBs

Note: We will show Function-Blocks that we use for Force Analysis in a later tutorial.

The Kinematic-FB menu

The Kinematic-FBs are in the Add menu.

Kinematics FB toolbar

The Kinematic FB toolbar is to the right (>>}of the graphic-area

The Function Blocks in the Add menu

The Kinematic Function Blocks in the Add menu


This Tutorial

We add, connect, and use the Kinematic Function-Blocks, so that you can plan how and when to make kinematic-chains move.

To plot the motion-values at the output from each Function-Block, we can connect wires to the input of a Graph FB. This is not normally necessary. But, it will help communicate how the motion-values change with each Function-Block.

GST-Icon-FB-MotionDimension Use Function-Blocks

Step 5.1: About Function-Blocks, Connectors and Wires

Step 5.2: The Kinematic Function-Blocks

Step 5.3: The Motion-Dimension FB

Step 5.4: MMA, 3 most used Function-Blocks, Graph FB

Step 5.5: Crank, Rockers and Sliders

Step 5.6: Gearing: Amplitude and Frequency

Step 5.7: The Point-Data FB and Measurement-Data FB