Step 5.3: The Motion-Dimension FB

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Step 5.3: The Motion-Dimension FB

Motion-Dimension FB

Three(3) Key Learnings in this Step.

A)A Motion-Dimension FB identifies a Part, called a Motion-Part, that we want to move with a motion.

B)A Motion-Dimension, and the Motion-Dimension FB, define the position of the Motion-Part

C)We specify the value of the Motion-Dimension with two parameters:

Base-Value : edit in the Motion-Dimension dialog-box - it is the position of the Motion-Part when a wire is not at the input-connector.

Motion-values : the position (and velocity and acceleration) values, which a wire provides at its input-connector.

Motion-Dimension = Base-Value + Motion-Values

D)There are two types of Motion-Parts:

Rocker  = Part + Pin-Joint + Motion-Dimension FB

Slider = Part + Slide- Joint + Motion-Dimension FB

tog_minusAdd Motion-Dimension FB command and the Command-Manager
tog_minusMotion Dimension FB in the Graphic-Area

General Procedures

tog_minusMotion-Dimension FB and Rocker
tog_minusMotion-Dimension FB and Slider
tog_minusMotion Dimension dialog box
tog_minusUse a Graph FB to display the values at the output-connector of a Motion-Dimension FB