Colour-codes of Elements in the Part-Editor

tog_minus        Sketch-Elements: Not Fully-Defined and Fully-Defined: Blue and Black

Not fully defined sketch in Part Editor

There are two colours that we use to identify sketch-elements that are not-fully-defined and fully-defined.

The colours depend on the theme you are using.


Typically Blue - sketch-elements that are not yet fully constrained.

You will notice that as you add sketch-elements to a Part they are Blue

This is the colour of 'under-defined geometry'. You will find that you can still drag Blue sketch-elements.

CAD-Lines are a deep green.

Fully Defined Sketch in Part Editor


Typically Black - fully defined or constrained sketch-elements.

Ideally, you should add dimension and constraints to your sketch so that all the sketch-elements are Black. This means the sketch is fully-defined.

There is no correct or incorrect way to define the sketch-elements.

Dimensions and Constraints should agree with the design intent.

tog_minus        Reference Geometry, Sketch-Elements from Other Mechanisms, Dimensions in a Design-Set

Reference Geometry

Reference Geometry is Orange2s.

Grey when Show / Hide Sketch-Elements from Other Mechanisms tool is active, Part-Outlines, Axes, sketch-elements and Joints in the other Mechanisms are coloured Grey1s-red.



When dimensions are used to control an element, they are Grey

For example:

Dimension of a Line that is the Line-between-Centers
Dimension of an Arc for a Pulley
Dimensions added to Design-Sets

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