Blend-Point Editor: Y–axis Controls

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Blend-Point Editor: Y–axis Controls

Blend-Point Editor: Y-axis Controls



The motion-values of a Blend-Point are its:

X-axis Values : [see Blend-Point: X-axis]

Y-axis Values : Position, Velocity, Acceleration and Jerk motion-values.

Each Blend-Point has two Y-axis values, for each motion-derivative.

In the image above, you can see the two Y-axis values at one Blend-Point in the Position-Graph.

Red-14-1 End of the Previous-Segment = 40mm

Red-14-2 Start of the Selected-Segment = 60mm

There are three Control-ButtonsRed-14-3Red-14-4Red-14-5 you use to specify the motion-values of each motion-derivative (P, V, A, J).

Example: Blend-Point Editor: Three[3] Control-Buttons, EACH Motion-Derivative


IN THE BLEND-POINT EDITOR [see image above], the Y-axis values  for Position only are:

Red-14-1 End Position - motion-value = 40mm

Red-14-3Red-14-4Red-14-5 3 Control-Buttons

Red-14-2 Start Position - motion-value = 60mm

There are 8 different possible settings of the Control-Buttons. See Control Buttons: States and Patterns

In this example, the states of the 3 Control-Buttons for Position are:

EDIT the motion-value END of Previous-Segment

DO NOT BLEND end with the start motion-values.

EDIT the motion-value START of the Selected-Segment