BLEND-POINT EDITOR : X-axis Controls

Note: All parameters are in the Motion Units

X-axis Values  

Motion Start

Move all Segments and Blend-Points to become earlier or later than Master-Machine-Angle
If the active Blend-Point is Blend-Point #1 [left most], then you must use Motion-Start to move the motion.


Move the X-axis value of the active Blend-Point to become earlier or later
Other Blend-Points do not move [see Warning]
The Motion-Width does not change [see Warning]
Segment-Width of the Previous-Segment + Segment-Width of the Selected-Segment does not change [see Warning]

WARNING: The Motion-Width becomes greater, and adjacent Blend-Point move, if you edit the active Blend-Point such that it 'bumps' into the Previous or Next Blend-Point.

You must use the Segment-Editor to edit the Segment-Width of the segments and to make the Motion-Width 360 again.

BLEND-POINT-EDITOR : X-axis Values: an example


Example X-axis Values in X-axis value

X-axis value of active Blend-Point  = 150º

You can edit active Blend-Point to a:

Minimum value = 90º
Maximum value = 270º

As you edit the X-axis value in the data box, the active Blend-Point moves to the left ['earlier'] or to the right ['later'].

See also: How to Edit a value in a Data-box.

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