Active Motion Settings

Edit Toolbar : Active Motion Settings

To open the Active Motion Settings dialog-box

1.Click Edit toolbar > Active Motion Settings.
Active Motion Settings dialog-box

Active Motion Settings dialog-box

There are four tabs at the top of the Active Motion Settings dialog-box.

About Dialog Separators

Dialog Separators are Horizontal Orange Bars in the dialog-box

They are used to hide or show contextual parameters:

To show:

1.Click the orange separator [possibly two times when you open the dialog]

To hide :

2.Click the orange separator again

The two buttons at the bottom of the Active Motion Settings dialog-box are:

'Save as Defs': ['Defs' is 'Defaults'].

Use this button to make the changes become the new Active Motion Settings.

'Load Defaults':

Use this button to load new, saved, Active Motion Settings.

Note: The Active Motion Settings become the default settings when exit MechDesigner.

tog_minus        Motion                                  


Motion Name

Motion Name [Read / Write]

1.Enter a new name with your keyboard.
2.Press the Enter [also called 'Return'] key on your keyboard.


Motion Cycle Data

Number-of-Steps [Read / Write]

The number of points along each motion graph.

Note: MotionDesigner evaluates motion-values at all and ANY value of the X–axis.

Cycles / Min: [Read Only]

See MechDesigner >Edit menu > Machine Settings

Seconds / Cycle [Read Only]

Seconds / Cycle = 1÷ Cycles/Min

IMPORTANT: 'Cycle/Minute' [MechDesigner] and 'Motion-Width' [MotionDesigner]

To make sure the duration of the motion is correct in MotionDesigner, you must edit the machine-speed in MechDesigner. See MechDesigner > Edit menu > Machine Settings so that Seconds/Cycle is = the Motion Width.

For example: If you want a cycle time of 1200ms (milliseconds), then enter (60*1000)/1200 = 50 Cycles/Minute.

Then, if you change the X–axis units to msecs, one cycle will equal 1200msecs, and not 1000msecs.


Position Units: Units
Y Velocity Units: Units/sec
Y Acceleration Units: Units/sec/sec
Y Jerk Units: Units/sec/sec/sec

Note: The scale of the model does not change when you edit 'Units'.

For example: 90mm becomes 0.090m or 3.543inches.

Motion Units

X–axis Units:

Units available:


Y–axis Units:

Units available:


tog_minus        Advanced                            


X-axis Parameters

The settings for the X–axis.

'Degrees' at Start

'Units' at Start  [The unit is a function of the Motion Units - See Motion tab > Motion Units separator]


Y-axis Parameters 


Counts per 'Unit'

'Degrees' at Start

'Units' at Start

Counts at Start

tog_minus        Number  Format                        


Number Format


Number Format





tog_minus        Accessibility                          


Motion Colors 

Show Grid check-box [does not seem to do anything!]


Click a button next to the colour to open the Windows Colour Picker®

Line: the colour of the plot that is not the Selected-Segment
Grid: the colour of the vertical and horizontal 'Grid-Lines'
Selected : the colour the Selected-Segment
Background: the colour of the graph space
Overlay: the colour of the Overlay Trace


Line and Symbol Sizes

Line Thickness

The thickness, in pixels, of the lines in the graph plot.

Maximum Line Thickness = 8

Symbol Size

The symbols in MotionDesigner are the triangles that represent the Blend-Points.

Maximum Symbol Size = 8

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