File: Save All

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File: Save All

Save All


To save all motions to one file:


1.Click File toolbar > Save All

MotionDesigner files-types are MTD file-type.

Note: All of the motions are also saved when you save the MechDesigner model.

See also: Open And Append, Save All As, Add Motion, Save, Close

Other File-Types


SHP: Camlinks and Motion file-type

The Camlinks file-type is a different kinematics and motion-design program.

It is one motion.

DA: Jetter File-Type

This is the Jetter Automation file-type.

It is one motion.

TXT: Logix 5000 Cam file (Beta-testing)

This is the Allen-Bradley (Rockwell) Logix 5000 Cam file-type.

Enter the units for the X-axis and the Y-axis.

It is one motion.