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Add Motion


Open and Append Motion


Save All Motions - See Note


Save All As... - See Note


Save Active Motion... - See Note


Print Active Motion


Print all Motions


Delete Active Motion


We save all of your Motions to one file when you save the MechDesigner model. Thus, when working in the normal way, you do not need to save MotionDesigner motion files.

However, you can also use File toolbar > Save Active-Motion, or Save all as, or Save as ... to save the active motion, or all of the motion to a different file-name.

Why save a motion when it is automatically saved with the MechDesigner model file?

If a motion is complex you may want to save it and then re-import it. You can then use it as the basis of a new motion-design for a different product, size, format, or machine.

You can also open the motion again as another Motion name-tab to experiment.