File toolbar > Save All As


To save all of the Motion name tabs.

In the 'Windows® Save as... dialog:

1.Select the file type in the 'Save as type:' box

See 'Motion File Types' below

2.Enter a 'File-name'
3.Browse to the directory in which you want to save all of the motions
4.Select the 'Save' button

See also: Open and Append, Save All, Add Motion, Save Active Motion, Close

Motion File-Types

MTD: MotionDesigner File Type.

All of the Motions are save to one MTD file.

SHP: 'Camlinks and Motion' File Type

This is the file extension for Camlinks - a different kinematics and motion design program.

Each motion tab is saved to a different file. The file name of each is the same as the Motion Tab name.

DA: Jetter File Type

This is the file extension for Jetter Automation. When you select this file type, enter a file name, and then click the 'Save as ' button, MotionDesigner opens the 'Jetter DA File Parameters' dialog-box.

TXT: Logix 5000 Cam file [beta-testing]

This is the file extension for Allen-Bradley [Rockwell] Logix 5000 Cam file.


Jetter File-Type Dialog-box

Write Comments to File

Click the check box if you want the DA file to explain the function and parameter of each line

Header Data box

Use the check box to write, as text, at the top of the DA file:
File Path - the Path is given in the box as a 'Read Only'.

- or -

Project Name - you must write the Project Name in the box

Register Number at Start box

Enter a Register Offset in the box

Use your keyboard or the Spin-box tool to enter the Register Number.

OK, Close, Cancel or Help buttons

MotionDesigner saves each motion to a different file. The file name is the Motion name-tab name.

Notes on the DA file

All motion-type are saved as a polynomial file-type, with their coefficients.

If the segment is a Traditional Motion-Law of the Harmonic Type, for example a Modified-Sinusoid, then:

1.The actual Mod-Sine segment is divided into sub-segments.

The Blend-Points for the sub-segments are at the 'natural' positions within the Segment.

2.The sub-segments are saved as Polynomials.

The Polynomial coefficients minimize the error between the actual Segment and the Polynomial Segment.

For example,

A Modified-Sinusoid Motion-Law has three sub-segments
A Modified-Trapezoidal Motion-Law has five sub-segments

To review the Blend-Points of the sub-segments, you can Open and Append the DA motion after you save it.

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