How to edit a value in data-box

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How to edit a value in data-box

Edit a value in a data-box.

A typical dialog-box and Parameter.

This topic is STEP 3: Edit the element's parameters in its dialog-box.

The image below is a dialog-box. It is the Dimension dialog-box.

It has one parameter (Dimension) and data-box (currently set to 300).


In this image of the Dimension dialog-box, I have added a 'window' to highlight the parameter box.

The three areas of the parameter box are:



Parameter value - the data value that you edit and apply to the element.



Spin-Increment value - edit with the arrows at the bottom of the Spin-Box control


Spin-Box control: arrowheads - see below

If you cannot see the Spin-Box:

Double-click in the Parameter value box.

How to edit parameters in a dialog-box.

There are three different procedures you can use to edit a parameter in a dialog-box.

tog_minus1: Enter the Parameter Value with your Keyboard

tog_minus2: Use the 'Spin-Box' tool

btn_delkeyword Show / Hide the Spin-Box

tog_minus3: Use the Zero/Round contextual menu