Acceleration-List (Import Data)

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Acceleration-List (Import Data)

Acceleration List

See also: Position-List, Z-Raw Data


The Acceleration List is a List Segment-Type.

Import Acceleration data.

See Position-List to learn how to Import data to a List Segment-Type.


We integrate (numerically) your data for you to calculate and show the Velocity and Position graphs.

We re-sample the data for you to give the correct number-of-points in the segment, such that:

Number-of-Points in a Segment = Segment-Width × Number-of-Steps in Motion / 360

Segment Parameters




Sampling Acceleration-Data - recommendations.

Acquire acceleration-data of a machine component with an Accelerometer Sensor.

We recommend a DC-Accelerometer Sensor that gives an output from 0 to 1000Hz.

From 0Hz is important. At 0Hz, you can use ±g to calibrate the accelerometer by turning it over (g = ~9811mm/s/s).

Import the data for one machine cycle. You can use an Encoder on a machine shaft to trigger the start and end the Acceleration Data acquisition.

You get better results if you sample the data from a Dwell to a Dwell.

Although there are mathematical techniques to compensate for any bias in the Acceleration Data, we do not use them when we integrate the your Acceleration data to get Velocity and Position.