Z-Raw-Data (Import Data)

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Z-Raw-Data (Import Data)

Import Data: Z-Raw-Data

Z-Raw-Data is a List Segment-Type.

The Z-Raw-Data is a segment that uses the Data-Transfer Table to import your data as the motion-values.

See also: Acceleration-List, Position-List, Tools: Data-Transfer,

STEP 1.Import your data to the Data-Transfer Table

1.Use the Motion-Law Selector to select Z-RAW-DATA for a segment.

2.Open the Data-Transfer Table

3.Click the cell at the left and top row (cell equivalent to A1) of the Data-Transfer Table to make it the active cell.

To import your data to into the Data-Transfer Table.


a.Copy and Paste your data into the Data-Transfer Table

or do:

a.Open a CSV, TXT or DAT (Camlinks based) file

or do:

a.Get Motion-Values from a different motion or segment

Note: In your original data, include as many decimal points as possible.

The data is now in the Data-Transfer Table

STEP 2.Move your data to the Z-Raw-Data segment from the Data-Transfer Table

1.Click the Pos header in the Data-Transfer Table to select the column of data

2.Click Put List Data MT-DTT-PutData in the Data-Transfer Table toolbar.

To move a sub-section of the data:

1.Click the first data point you want in move to the Z-Raw-Data

2.SHIFT + Click the last data point you want to move to the Z-Raw-Data

3.Click Put List Data MT-DTT-PutData in the Data-Transfer Table toolbar

Note : Get Data and Put Data icons show only when the segment is a List Segment-Type

Data-Transfer Table toolbar 

Data-Transfer Table toolbar 

The data is a plot in the Z-Raw Data segment in the motion graph.

Result: MotionDesigner :

Does nothing if you select less than 5 data-points. MotionDesigner tells you to select more data-points!

Transforms the data to calculate motion-values that coincide with the motion-values in the segment.

Numerically differentiates the data to create Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and the Jerk motion-values.

In the Data-Transfer Table:

You can use the Get Motion Data button or the Get Segment Data button to get the new Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Jerk motion-values that MotionDesigner has calculated for you from your data.

When the segment is a List Segment-Type, you can use the Get List Data button to move the original data back to the table.

Example of Z-Raw Data Segment

Example of Z-Raw Data Segment