Quadratic Motion-Law

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Quadratic Motion-Law

Quadratic Cam-Law, Motion-Law

Motion Description

A Traditional Motion-Law. This is a Polynomial motion-law.

The Velocity increases or decreases linearly.

Acceleration is constant, but it is discontinuous at its start and end.

Jerk is generally zero, but has infinite Jerk at its start and end.


You CAN control the:

Start Position

The Start-Position usually flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment.

End Position

Start Velocity

You CANNOT control the:

End Velocity

Start Acceleration and End Acceleration

Start Jerk and End Jerk

Segment Parameters




Quadratic Motion-Law

Quadratic Motion-Law

In the image above of 1 Quadratic segment, the motion-values are:

Start Position = 0mm

End Position = 1mm

Start Velocity = 0mm/s


Segments with Constant Acceleration, Linearly Increasing-Velocity, or Linearly Decreasing Velocity.

You can use this to model a Part under the influence of a Constant-Acceleration, or a constant force or torque.