Sinusoidal Motion-Law

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Sinusoidal Motion-Law

Sinusoid Cam-Law, Motion-Law

This is a Traditional Motion-Law

Motion Description

This motion-law is a Sinusoid or Sine-Wave. The Segment-Parameters can define the number-of-cycles, the phase at which the first cycle starts, and the amplitude of the Sinusoid.


You CAN control the:

Start Position

The Start-Position usually flows from the End-Position of the Previous-Segment.

You CANNOT control the:

End Position

Start Velocity and End Velocity

Start Acceleration and End Acceleration

Start Jerk and End Jerk

Segment Parameters


Phase - (degrees)

Enter the circular degrees at the start of the segment

Number-of-Cycles - (360 degrees / Cycle)

Enter Number-of-Cycles

One machine-cycle = 360 of the circular sinusoidal function.


This is the Maximum amplitude of the Sine wave

Amplitude = Peak-to-Peak / 2



End- Range

0 ≤ Start-Range < End-Range ≤ 1

SINUSOID  segment  Amplitude =0.5 ; Number of Cycles = 1, Phase = 0

SINUSOID  segment
Amplitude =0.5 ; Number of Cycles = 1, Phase = 0