Rotating Flat Cams with Flat-Faced-Followers

To add a 2D-Cam, you must select two elements:

Part - which becomes the Cam-Part.
Profile/Extrusion - which becomes the Cam-Profile.

Before you can add a 2D-Cam, you must prepare the model to include these two elements. You must also specify the motion for each.


Cam Terminology :

Description and definition.

Translating Cam-Follower :

the output Part that slides along a fixed straight axis.

Rotating Cam-Follower :

the output Part that rotates about a fixed axis.

Reciprocating :

a non-progressive, translating motion, along a fixed axis.

Oscillating :

a non-progressive, rotating motion, around a fixed point.

Non-Progressive motion :

a motion that returns to its original position after each machine cycle.

Flat-faced Cam-Profile :

a planar surface in continuous-contact with the Cam.


Design a Cam to move a Reciprocating Cam-Follower, with a Flat-Faced Cam-Profile.
Design a Cam to move an Oscillating Cam-Follower, with a Flat-Faced Cam-Profile.

Short Summary of this Tutorial

1.Model two different kinematic-chains: a Slider for the 'Translating' Cam-Follower, and a Rocker for the 'Oscillating' Cam-Followers.
2.Add a Profile to represent the Flat-Faced Cam-Follower to the Slider / Rocker
3.Add a continuously rotating Rocker (Crank) as the cam - a Cam-Shaft.
4.Add the 2D-Cam element

This tutorial can take 3 minutes.

Icon-Add2DCam Rotating Cam with Translating Flat-Faced-Follower

Icon-Add2DCamRotating Cam with Oscillating Flat-Faced-Follower

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