Step 6A.9: Export the 2D-Cam-Data to SOLIDWORKS®

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Step 6A.9: Export the 2D-Cam-Data to SOLIDWORKS®

Calculate Cam Coordinates.

You have the options to calculate the Cam-Profile as:

1.XY Points - at increments of the MMA

You specify the number of Points.

2.BiArcs - with a maximum BiArc Error.

You specify the maximum BiArc-Error

The BiArc Error is the difference between the True Cam Profile and the Calculated Cam Profile.

You can save the Cam-Profile to a:

1.STEP file

2.TEXT file

You can transfer the Cam-Profile to

3.Directly to SolidWorks.

Summary of this Step:

In this step, you will transfer a Cam to SolidWorks.

1.Open a Part or add a new Part in SOLIDWORKS.

2.Use the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box to calculate the Cam-Coordinates, and export it directly to SolidWorks.

tog_minusCam-Coordinates dialog box
tog_minusOpen SOLIDWORKS
tog_minusSelect CAD Transfer in MechDesigner
tog_minusEdit the Model in SOLIDWORKS with standard sketch and feature tools
tog_minusSave the Cam as a STEP[AP203] file for manufacture