Summary of this Step:

In this step, you will transfer a Cam to SolidWorks.

1.Make sure you have the correct SOLIDWORKS Type Library in your MechDesigner installation path
2.Open a Part or add a new Part in SOLIDWORKS.
3.Use the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box to send the Cam to SolidWorks from MechDesigner.

tog_minus        1: SOLIDWORKS Type Libraries

A Type-Library file in the MechDesigner installation path must match the release of the SOLIDWORKS® to which you will transfer the cam.

See MD-Download-SOLIDWORKS-Type-Library

tog_minus         2: Cam-Coordinates dialog box


If the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box is not open:

STEP 1: Double-click the Cam-Data FB in the graphic-area

If the Cam-Coordinates dialog  is not linked to a Cam, then

STEP 2: Click a 2D-Cam in the graphic area or Assembly-Tree.
STEP 3: Click the 'traffic-light' icon to calculate the cam-coordinates with the settings of the other icons.

When you click the Traffic Light in this dialog-box MechDesigner calculates the Cam-Coordinates.

It uses the settings you have made for each of the buttons. Experiment with the buttons to understand them.

See Cam-Coordinates dialog-box for more details. EXPERIMENT.

SolidWorks will fit a spline [with the Curve feature]. If there is a 'step in velocity' [or position] in your motion, then it is possible there will be a 'kink' in the Spline.

YOU must be careful to make sure the MotionDesigner is continuous in at least Position and Velocity.

You would usually want it be continuous in Acceleration also.

tog_minus        3: Open SOLIDWORKS


1.Start SolidWorks®
2.Open an existing Part, or add a new Part
3.Save the Part, if it is a new Part.


4.Arrange MechDesigner and SolidWorks so that you can see the two applications.

Make sure you have only ONE SolidWorks application running.

tog_minus        4: Select CAD Transfer in MechDesigner

The 2D Cam Track in SolidWorks from MechDesigner.

In the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box [in MechDesigner again]

1.Click 'Send to CAD', [the SolidWorks icon next to the Rebuild button]

MechDesigner draws three 'Curves' on the Front Plane of the SolidWorks Part. The three curves features are:

2D-Cam-Data [which is the Cam1 or Cam 2 [external or internal]
X-axis : Two Point in the curve, 0,0 and 50,0

If required: to send the 'other' Cam:

3.Click the 'other cam' in the Cam-Coordinates dialog-box and 'Send to CAD' again.
4.Do again for the Pitch-Circle, if required.

tog_minus        5: Edit the Model in SOLIDWORKS with standard sketch and feature tools

The Complete Cam in SolidWorks from MechDesigner.

In SolidWorks

For example, if you want to make a 2D-Groove or Track Cam:

1.Start a sketch on the Front Plane.
2.Add a Circle. Make its diameter greater than the radius of the larger Cam.
3.Use Insert > Base/Boss > Extrude to extrude the circle to the full thickness of the Cam part.
4.Add a sketch to the face of the Cam.
5.Click a 2D-Cam Curve
6.Use Tools > Sketch Tools > Convert Entities.
7.Do 1-3 again for the other 2D-Cam.
8.Use Insert > Cut > Extrude. to extrude a cam groove into the Cam blank.
9.Cut a Hole through the Centre for a Shaft, key-way, etc.

tog_minus        6:: Save the Cam as a STEP[AP203] file for manufacture

SOLIDWORKS Export Options interface.

SOLIDWORKS Export Options interface.

In SolidWorks, to save the file as a STEP file ready for a CAM program, you must make sure the 'Export 3D Curve features' check-box is checked.

In SolidWorks:

1.Click File > Save as...
2.Enter a File name for the cam

In the 'Save as type:' drop-down box,

3.Click STEP AP203 file type
4.Add a description
5.Click the Options button, at the bottom of the File > Save as... dialog

In the Export Options dialog

5.Make sure the 'Export 3D Curve features' check-box is checked - see left image
6.Click the OK button to close the Export Options dialog
7.Click OK button to save the cam as a STEP file.

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