Step 2.2A Edit the Motion-Dimension FB

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Step 2.2A Edit the Motion-Dimension FB

The Motion-Dimension FB

The Motion-Dimension dialog-box specifies the Base-Value of a Motion-Part.

The Base-Value is the position of the Part when a wire is not connected to its input-connector.

The motion-values at its input-connector control the motion of the Motion-Part relative to the Base-Value.

Thus, when the Motion-Dimension FB does not have a wire at its input-connector, the position of the Motion-Part is specified by the Base-Value parameter.


Edit the Motion-Dimension FB


Open the Motion-Dimension FB dialog-box.

To edit this element from the graphic-area, you can:

1.Double-click the dimension arrowhead or the FB


See How to open a dialog-box, to edit an element


Motion-Dimension dialog-box

Parameters to edit:

Base-Value : The position of the Motion-Part when a wire is not connected to the input-connector.

Base-Value + Motion-Value : This value is the output from the FB to the Motion-Dimension, but actually edits the Base-Value.

Edit the Base-Value to 60

If necessary - see : Spin-Box, Contextual-menu, Equation

1.Spin-Box tool: Click the bottom, left & right arrows, at the right of the data-box, to make sure the Spin-Increment = 10.

2.Right-click the Base-Value data-box

The Zero / Round / Copy / Paste contextual-menu shows next to your pointer.

3.Click Round.

The dimension rounds up or down to the nearest number that is exactly divisible by the Spin-Increment.

In the example to the above, the Base-Value dimension is 47.827°. The dimension will round up to 50°.

4.Click the top, right arrows, at the right of the data-box, to increase Base-Values to 60°.


To move the Motion-Dimension and its FB

Move the Function-Block :

HOVER above the FB icon + DRAG

move the Motion-Dimension :

CTRL + Hover above the FB icon + DRAG

HOVER(FB)= move your mouse above the Function-Block icon.

DRAG = Mouse-Button-Down, move your mouse-pointer, Mouse-Button-Up

Video of this Step


Video of Edit Motion-Dimension FB - Base-Value