Step 6D2.0 DESIGN 2: Target Design.

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Step 6D2.0 DESIGN 2: Target Design.

Design 2:  Target for Tutorial

The key difference between Design 1 and Design 2:

... we do not know the motion of the Sliding-Part - we MUST measure its motion. That is it!

The motion of the Sliding-Part is designed to be complex. It is a function of many parameters.

Because the motion of the Sliding-Part is complex, the Slot Cam has complexities also. SolidWorks cannot import the Cam-Coordinates to create the Curve feature. We explain how to compensate for the complexities.


Slot Cam : Rocker Motion that is a function of complex Slider Motion


How to assemble this model: Summary

1.Add a Gear-Pair so that one Gear orbits insides a stationary Gear, and the orbiting Gear orbits one time per machine cycle

2.Add a Dyad:

Join Part 1 of the Dyad to the orbiting Gear with a Pin-Joint

Join Part 2 of the Dyad as a Sliding-Part, to slide along the Base-Part horizontally

Join Part 1 to Part 2 with a Pin-Joint.

3.Add a Rocker to the Sliding-Part

4.Design and add a motion to rotate the Rocker

5.Add a Cam-Follower Roller with Profile to the Rocker

6.Add a 2D-Cam - select the Base-Part and the Roller Profile in the Rocker.