Step 11.2: Add DYADS to the Piggyback Sliders

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Step 11.2: Add DYADS to the Piggyback Sliders

Add 3× R-R-R Dyads

In this Step, we add two kinematic Dyads between the Piggyback Sliders and the machine frame (Base-Part).

It is then possible to drive one of the Parts in each Dyad, and thus drive the Piggyback Sliders, with cams or servomotors. The cams and servomotors are fixed to the machine frame.

Dyads that we can use.

We can use any of the five Dyads. To keep the principle very simple, we will add in this tutorial two R-R-R Dyads.

1.First R-R-R Dyad: Connects the X-Slider to the Machine Frame.

2.Second R-R-R Dyad: Connects the Y-slider to the Machine Frame.

3 × R-R-R Dyads

btn_delkeywordR-R-R Dyad #1: between the X-Slider and the Base-Part
btn_delkeywordR-R-R Dyad #2: between the Y-Slider and the BasePart
btn_delkeywordOPTIONAL: R-R-R Dyad #3, with a Bell-Crank
btn_delkeywordCalculate the Degrees-of-Freedom and Mobility

How do we 'Drive' the design so that we follow the XY Path?

We can drive the Dyad Parts connected to the BasePart – Parts 7P and 8P in the image above.

We can use:

Servomotor Drives : We would need to save the motions of the driven Parts to a text file, and format it for the servo controller.

Cams and Cam-Followers : Add the Cam-Follower 'Rollers' and Camshafts. See Tutorial 5.

btn_delkeywordAdd 2D Cams to Drive the Parts
btn_delkeywordAlternative Configuration of the 2D Cams