6A1: Rotating Cam & Cam-Roller Follower

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6A1: Rotating Cam & Cam-Roller Follower

Rotating Cam with a Cam-Roller Follower

To add a 2D-Cam, we select two elements:

Part - which is the Part for the Cam - we can call the Cam-Part.

Profile/Extrusion - which we can call the Cam-Profile.


To model a Cam mechanism that is frequently used in packaging machines.

To introduce Inverse-Kinematics.

Summary of this Tutorial

Model a kinematic-chain with three Parts: a Part for the tooling, and two Parts with three Joints (a Dyad) that includes the Part for the Cam-Follower.

Add a Cam-Roller to the Cam-Follower Part.

Model a different kinematic-chain that is the Cam-Part. This is a rotating-Part, or a Cam-Shaft.

Add the 2D-Cam to the Cam-Part, and export the Cam-Coordinates to SolidWorks®.

GST-Icon-Add2DCam Model a Rotating 2D-Cam

Add the Cam-Follower

Step 6A.1 Add a Slide-Joint for the Tool

Step 6A.2: Add the Tool Motion

Step 6A.3: Add the Transforming-Mechanism

Step 6A.4: Add the Cam-Follower Roller (+ Profile)

Add the Cam-Shaft

Step 6A.5: Add the cam-shaft

Add the 2D-Cam

Step 6A.6: Add the 2D-Cam

Step 6A.7: Add the Polyline and Cam-Profile (not needed to get Cam-Coordinates)

Step 6A.8: Get the 2D-Cam Coordinate Data

Export the Cam-Data

Step 6A.9: Export the Data to SolidWorks®