6A1: Cam-Shaft & Follower-Roller

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6A1: Cam-Shaft & Follower-Roller

Objective of Tutorial 6A1

To model a type of Cam mechanism that you find in packaging, textile and assembly machines.

To introduce Inverse-Kinematics.

GST-Icon-Add2DCam Model a Rotating 2D-Cam

Add the Follower

Step 6A.1 Add a Slide-Joint for the Tool

Step 6A.2: Add the Tool Motion

Step 6A.3: Add a Transforming-Mechanism

Step 6A.4: Add a Follower-Roller (Cylindrical Profile)

Add the Cam-Shaft

Step 6A.5: Add a Cam-Shaft

Add the 2D-Cam

Step 6A.6: Add a 2D-Cam

Step 6A.7: Add a Polyline and Profile (not needed to get Cam-Coordinates)

Step 6A.8: Calculate the Cam-Coordinates

Export the Cam-Data

Step 6A.9: Export the Cam-Coordinates to SolidWorks®


Terms :


Cam :

The Part that supports the Cam-Profile shape. Its motion is the input to the Cam system.

Cam-Shaft :

A rotating-Part, the shaft part, to which you the 2D-Cam (or 3D-Cam) and the Cam-Profile. A cam-shaft usually rotates with a constant angular-velocity.

Cam-Profile :

The surface of a 2D-Cam (or 3D-Cam) that is in continuous contact with the Follower-Profile.

Cam-Track :

A groove that is cut into a Cam-Blank with an Outer and an Inner Cam-Profile.

Follower :

The Part that supports the Follower-Profile. Its motion is the output from the cam system.

Follower-Profile :

The surface that interacts with the Cam-Profile.

Follower-Roller :

A Follower with a Follower-Profile that is cylindrical or barrel-shaped.

Flat-faced Follower : 

A Follower with a Follower-Profile that is a flat surface.

Translating Follower :

A Follower that moves along a straight axis.

Reciprocating :

A sliding-Part that has a non-progressive motion.

Rotating Follower :

A Follower that rotates about a fixed axis with a progressive or non-progressive motion.

Oscillating :

A rotating-Part that has a non-progressive motion.

Progressive Motion :

A motion that moves the Follower generally in one direction.

Non-Progressive Motion :

A motion that returns the Follower to its original position after each machine cycle.

Indexing :

A progressive, usually rotating motion.

Indexer :

A device whose input is a constant-speed Cam-Shaft and output is a rotating shaft with a progressive motion. After the cam-shaft rotates fully a number of times, the output shaft rotates by 360º.

Cam-Blank :

The material that you need before you cut the shape of the Cam-Profile.