Add the 3D-Cam

IMPORTANT: You can only add the 3D-Cam in the Mechanism-Editor with Part that is defined as the 3D-Cam - the Cam-Shaft. In this example, the Mechanism-Editor name-tab is BARREL.


STEP 1: Click the BARREL Mechanism name-tab
STEP 2: Show other Mechanisms – F11
STEP 3: Spin the View to see all five elements you Add 3D-Cam.

It may be helpful to use the Application Settings to change the colour of the 'background sketch' [These are the 'elements you can see when you use the Visibility tool : Show other Mechanisms & Sketches are the colour of the 'Part-Outlines and Sketch
See Application-Settings > Graphics > Display Colours > Background.


STEP 4: Click Machine-elements toolbar >Add 3D-Cam
Command-Manager: 3D-Cam

Command-Manager: 3D-Cam

The Command-Manager starts.

The 'Hint' suggests you 'Add a barrel or Globoidal cam to your model'.

The Command-Manager shows five boxes for five elements.

1r : The Cam-Follower Part

2r : The Cam-Follower Roller Profile

3r : The Barrel Part

4r*: The Profile added to the sketch-loop that is the 'Barrel Blank'*

5r*: The sketch Line that is Axis of Rotation of the 'Barrel Blank*'

You MUST select the elements in order : 1 – 5

4r5r*If you want to transfer the 3D-Cam to SOLIDWORKS®, the sketch of these elements should include ONLY the cross-section of the Cam-Blank as a sketch-loop, and the Cam-Blank axis of rotation, is a Line.


STEP 5: Click the five elements as indicated in the image, for each selection-box in the Command-Manager.



MechDesigner draws the 3D-Cam as a tube. The Cam-Follower's flanks are always 'inside' the tube. The 3D-Cam is the 'negative' of the actual Cam.

Use the 3D-Cam dialog-box to:

edit the parameters
save the cam as a STEP file, or transfer the data to SolidWorks®



In the image to the left, there is an example Model of a Barrel Cam with an Indexing Follower - identified by the Cam-Track - in red- which has open ends.

I have added an 'extrusion' - in grey - to represent the Cam body. This extrusion is not needed, but it allows me to check the general layout and settings for a Barrel Cam.

For example:

The outside face of the Cam-Track is outside the full diameter of the Blank. This will cut the Cam-Blank correctly in SolidWorks.
The start and end of the Cam-Track extend beyond the extrusion depth [or width], so that they will cut the cam-blank correctly in SolidWorks. If they extend unnecessarily too far, you can cut the ends to shorten the 3D-Cam, with:
o3D-Cam > Cam tab > Flank-Length > Start Angle / End Angle

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