Add the 3D-Cam

IMPORTANT: Add the 3D-Cam in the Mechanism-Editor with the Part that is defined as the Cam-Shaft.


STEP 1: Prepare the View
1.Click the Cam-Shaft Mechanism name-tab
2.Click Visibility toolbar > Show other Mechanisms – F11
3.Spin the View to see all five elements you need to do Add 3D-Cam.

It may be helpful to use the Application Settings to change the colour of the 'background sketch' (These are the 'elements you can see when you use the Visibility tool : Show other Mechanisms & Sketches are the colour of the 'Part-Outlines and Sketch


STEP 2: Do Add 3D-Cam


1.Click Machine-elements toolbar > Add 3D-Cam

The Command-Manager starts.

The Command-Manager shows five boxes for five elements.

Red-14-1b Cam-Follower Part

Red-14-2 Cam-Roller Profile

Red-14-3 Cam-Shaft Part

Red-14-4 Cam-Blank Profile

Red-14-5 Rotational-Axis Line

2.Click the elements in order : 1 – 5



3.Click OK-tiny-11-15 in the Command-Manager




MechDesigner draws the 3D-Cam as a tube. The Cam-Follower's flanks are always 'inside' the tube. The 3D-Cam is the 'negative' of the actual Cam.

Use the 3D-Cam dialog-box to:

edit the parameters
save the cam as a STEP file, or transfer the data to SolidWorks®

In the image to the left, there is an example Barrel Cam


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