Step 6C1.1: Add the 3 Planes and 5 Elements

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Step 6C1.1: Add the 3 Planes and 5 Elements

Barrel Cams: 3 Planes and 3 Mechanism-Editors

Image of Barrel Cam after it has been transferrred to SolidWorks.

Image of Barrel Cam after it has been transferrred to SOLIDWORKS.

There are three Planes:

1r A Plane for the oscillating Cam-Follower-Part and also the Follower-Roller - this Plane is offset from the Top-Plane*

2r A Plane for the rotating Cam-Shaft (the Barrel-Cam) - if possible, the Cam-Shaft should be on the Front-Plane*

3r A Plane for the Cam-Blank - this is a cross-section sketch of the Barrel-Cam - this sketch is on the Right-Plane*

* When your model is to design a 3D-Cam only, it is best to use these three Planes.

If the model has other machine elements, then use those Planes as required by the model.

Cam-Rib has two Follower-Rollers

Cam-Rib has two Follower-Rollers

Rib Cams.

This tutorial designs a Barrel-Cam with a Cam-Groove*. The groove guides one Follower-Roller. The groove has two Cam-Flanks. There is one Cam-Flank on each side of the one Follower-Roller.

However, it is also possible to model a Barrel Cam that has Cam-Rib - see image to the left. The Cam-Rib also has two Cam-Flanks.

In the case of a Cam-Rib, you must add two Follower-Rollers.

Contact us, if you need help to model the Barrel-Cam with a Cam-Rib.

Note : the Track is also called a Groove.

The Five Elements for a 3D-Cam:

5 elements for a Barrel-Cam (typical)

5 elements for a Barrel-Cam (typical)

There are five elements. With Barrel/Cylindrical Cams, the five(5) elements are on three(3) different Planes and Mechanism-Editors.

Red-14-1b Cam-Follower Part  (on Plane 2: Cam-Follower)

Red-14-2 Cam-Roller Profile (on Plane 2: Cam-Follower)

Red-14-3 Cam-Shaft Part (on Plane 1: Cam-Shaft)

Red-14-4 Cam-Blank Profile (on Plane 3: Cam-Blank)

Red-14-5 Cam-Blank rotational axis Sketch Line (on Plane 3: Cam-Blank)

To see all of the elements from one Mechanism-Editor, do :

Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch-Elements

Right-click each Mechanism name-tab

Click Show with 'other Kinematic and Sketch-Elements'


We must also design the motion for the Follower-Part in MotionDesigner.

The Segments are:

Segment 1: X-axis: 0-120, Y-axis: 0-60 : Poly 3-4-5

Segment 2: X-axis: 120-180, Y-axis: 60-60 : Dwell

Segment 3: X-axis: 180-300, Y-axis: 60-0 : Poly 3-4-5

Segment 4: X-axis 300-360, Y-axis: 0-0 : Dwell



X - Input


Y - Output















360 / 0


tog_minus        1: Add the Cam-Shaft

tog_minus        2: Add the Cam-Follower

tog_minus        3: Add the Cam-Roller

tog_minus        3: The Cam-Blank and Rotational Axis