Step 6C1.1: Add the 3 Planes and 5 Elements

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Step 6C1.1: Add the 3 Planes and 5 Elements

Barrel Cams need three Planes and three Mechanism-Editors

Image of Barrel Cam after it has been transferrred to SolidWorks.

Image of Barrel Cam after it has been transferrred to SOLIDWORKS.

With reference to the image to the left:

1r   A Plane for the Cam-Follower and Cam-Roller Follower - offset from the Top Plane*

2r   A Plane for the rotating Barrel-Cam - if possible, make this the Front Plane*

3r   A Plane for the Barrel-Blank - the Right-Plane*

* Use these Planes, if the model is to design a 3D-Cam, and does not need to include other machine elements.



Rib Cams.

This tutorial designs a Barrel Cam with a Cam-Track, a groove, to guide one roller with a cam-flank on each side of the one roller.

It is also possible to model a Barrel Cam with a Cam-Rib - see image to the left.

In this case, there are two Cam-Rollers, with each Cam-Roller against a different cam-flank.

Contact us, if you need help to model the Barrel Cam with a Cam-Rib.

The Five Elements for a 3D-Cam:


There are five elements to Add 3D-Cam. They are three different Planes and Mechanism-Editors.

The image shows all five elements. You must do Visibility toolbar > Show other Kinematic and Sketch-Elements.

Red-14-1b Cam-Follower Part

Red-14-2 Cam-Roller Profile

Red-14-3 Cam-Shaft Part

Red-14-4 Cam-Blank Profile

Red-14-5 Cam-Blank rotational axis Sketch Line


We also need to design the Motion in MotionDesigner.

The Segments are:

Segment 1: X-axis: 0-120, Y-axis: 0-60 : Poly 3-4-5

Segment 2: X-axis: 120-180, Y-axis: 60-60 : Dwell

Segment 3: X-axis: 180-300, Y-axis: 60-0 : Poly 3-4-5

Segment 4: X-axis 300-360, Y-axis: 0-0 : Dwell

tog_minus        1: Add the Cam-Shaft

tog_minus        2: Add the Cam-Follower

tog_minus        3: Add the Cam-Roller

tog_minus        3: The Cam-Blank and Rotational Axis