Use the 3D-Cam dialog-box to enter parameters for the 3D-Cam. before you save the cam as a STEP file or export it directly to SolidWorks®.

Open the 3D-Cam dialog-box

3D-Cam dialog-box

3D-Cam dialog-box

STEP 1: Double-click the 3D-Cam in the graphic-area.

or See How to open an element's Dialog-Box

Recommended method for 'heavy' 3D-Cams:

1.Click the 3D-Cam element in the graphic-area or the Assembly-Tree
2.Right-click the 3D-Cam element in the Selection-Window
3.Click Edit element in the contextual-menu

The 3D-Cam dialog-box will open.

The 3D-Cam dialog-box: has three tabs:

1.Cam - the main design parameters
2.Display - colours, display as 'solid' or as a 'mesh', and more.
3.Export - if you want to export directly into SolidWorks - although we recommend you use the Save button to save the 3d-Cam as a STEP file.

3D-Cam Parameters

Cam tab:

Cam Mesh Density Parameters

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Cam Mesh Density

Roller Clearances

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Roller Clearances

Flank Length

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Flank Length Control

Display tab:

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Display

Rebuild and Save buttons

Rebuild and Save 3D-Cam-Data

See 3D-Cam dialog-box: Rebuild and Save buttons

tog_minus        Save button - Save the 3D-Cam as a STEP file

From MechDesigner MD14+ we recommend you follow these instructions.

In MechDesigner 3D-Cam dialog-box:

1.Click Rebuild button at the top
2.Click Save button at the top

In the Windows Save dialog, make sure the file-type is *.STP, and save the cam as, e.g. 'Cam.STEP'

3.Open the Cam.STEP file in SolidWorks®
4.Agree to do: Import Diagnostics.
5.Close Import Diagnostics command

Depending on your SolidWorks® user settings, you may also need to:

a.Right-Click the feature in the Feature Manager.

In the contextual-menu:

b.Click Dissolve Feature and Yes, break the link
c.Right-Click the feature in the Feature-Manager, again
d.In the contextual menu, click Import Diagnostics

In the Import Diagnostics dialog in the Feature Manager:

e.Click the Attempt to Heal All button, and then close the Import Diagnostics command.
6.Save Cam.STEP as a SolidWorks® file type e.g. Cam.SLDPRT.

Now, we will cut Cam.SLDPRT from a prepared SolidWorks® part file, e.g. Cam-Blank.SLDPRT, to leave the Cam-Track (or a Cam-Flank) cut into Cam-Blank

7.Open the prepared SolidWorks® part Cam-Blank.SLDPRT.

Do, with Cam-Blank.SLDPRT the active document

8. Insert menu > Part... ; select the SolidWorks® CAM.SLDPRT file
9.Click the 'Tick' in the SolidWorks® feature manager.

Cam.SLDPRT becomes a feature and a Solid Body Cam<imported>


10.Insert menu > Feature > Combine.
11.Select Subtract as the Operation Type and, in the Bodies to Combine box, select Cam-Blank as the Main-Body and Cam<imported> as the body to subtract.

You should now see the Cam-Track in the Cam-Blank.

It is possible that  the Solid Body Cam<imported> is not in the correct place relative to Cam-Blank. Most typically, Cam<imported> and Cam-Blank.SLDPRT are defined on different Planes.

In this case, you can redefine the sketch-planes of Cam.Blank or move Cam<imported>.

To move Cam<imported>, do:

12.Insert menu > Feature > Move/Copy... and select Cam.SLDPRT as the body to move.

tog_minusEXPORT tab: Cam Data Transfer directly to SOLIDWORKS

This method is here for completeness. We wd suggest you use the STEP model method- described above.

When you use this method, we exports all of the XYZ coordinates to SOLIDWORKS® to add a number of Curve features. We also instruct SOLIDWORKS® to create the surface features , and to cut the  surface features from Cam-Blank to leave the Cam.

However, this method creates a very heavy model in SOLIDWORKS®.

Do you have the correct Type-Libraries installed?

Before you can successfully transfer Cam-Data to SOLIDWORKS®, directly from MechDesigner, you must have the Type-Libraries in its installation directory that match your installation of SOLIDWORKS®.

Look in Help menu > About > Type-Libraries tab. The SOLIDWORKS® version and the Type-Libraries should be the same.

If they are not the same, then save you model and restart MD.

Look in the Help > About > Type-Libraries again.

Email PSMotion if there is a problem.

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