6C: Barrel-Cams & Globoidal-Cams

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6C: Barrel-Cams & Globoidal-Cams

Barrel Cams and Globoidal Cams

Barrel and Globoidal Cams, of all types, can be designed in MechDesigner.

You can export all the cam data directly to SOLIDWORKS®.

Note-Pencil-20 Skills needed for this Tutorial: Add Plane to Plane, Add Plane to Line.



6C1: Barrel-Cam : Oscillating

It is possible to design Barrel Cams that have:

Cam-Followers that move inside a 'Groove-Cam' (see image to the left)


Cam-Followers that move along the two sides of a 'Rib-Cam'.

Rib-Cams take longer to model because you must use two cam-follower rollers.


6C2: Globoidal-Cam : indexing


6C3: Examine 3D-Cams for Cam-Follower Clearance.