6C2: Indexing-Follower Globoidal-Cam

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6C2: Indexing-Follower Globoidal-Cam

Globoidal Cam with Indexing Output-Shaft

We can use Machine-Elements toolbar > Add 3D-Cam to model Globoidal Cams.

This tutorial adds the 5 elements you need in the model before we do Add 3D-Cam

Note: Globoidal Cams are also called Ferguson Cams or Roller Gear Drives.

This Tutorial:

1.Add the Cam-Shaft, the Cam-Follower Shaft, the Cam-Rollers, and Cam-Blank Parts and sketches to four different Mechanism-Editors and Planes.

2.Designs and compares the Modified Sine and Modified-Sine Constant-Velocity 33% motions

3.Adds the Globoidal Cam with Add 3D-Cam.

4.Uses the 3D-Cam dialog-box to configure the cam.

5.Exports the 3D-Cam to SOLIDWORKS®.

btn_delkeywordIndexing Globoidal Cams
btn_delkeywordReview of the Planes in the Globoidal-Cam

tog_minus1: Add the Input-Shaft - the Cam-Shaft.
btn_delkeyword2: Motion of the Output-Shaft - Cam-Follower
btn_delkeyword3: Add the Output-Shaft - the Cam-Follower Turret.
btn_delkeyword4: Add the Cam-Roller Planes and Mechanism-Editors
btn_delkeyword5: Add the Cam-Follower Rollers
btn_delkeyword6: Add the Cam Blank Sketch
btn_delkeyword7: Add the 3D Cams
btn_delkeyword8: Settings in the 3D-Cam dialog
btn_delkeyword9: Export the 3D-Cam to SOLIDWORKS

btn_delkeywordAlternative to STEP File: Export the 3D-Cam Mesh data