6C3: Examine 3D-Cams for Cam-Follower Clearance

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6C3: Examine 3D-Cams for Cam-Follower Clearance

Does the SOLIDWORKS Model agree with the MechDesigner Model?

3D-Cams have complex surface geometry. If you want to manufacture a Globoidal Cam, we recommend that you make sure the MechDesigner model and the 3D-Cam in SOLIDWORKS® agree. In other words, if you give a 'Flank Clearance' of 0.005mm (see 3D-Cam dialog-box) in MechDesigner, the SOLIDWORKS® model should agree with this clearance throughout the indexing and dwell motion.

This tutorial uses the CAD-Control FB to move an assembly model in SolidWorks (you must prepare this), to the same as position as the MechDesigner model. Then you can use the Clearance Detection tool in SolidWorks to see whether the Flank-Clearance' Parameter, as set in the MechDesigner model, agrees with the clearance as found in the SolidWorks model.

If the communications with the CAD-Control FB fails, enter the two 'angle mates' (see below) manually in SOLIDWORKS.


Add the CAD Control FB to the graphic-area:

1.Click Modeling-FB toolbar > CAD Control FB

2.Click again in the graphic-area

The CAD Control FB is now in the graphic-area.

Use the CAD Control FB to synchronize the positions of Parts that are a SOLIDWORKS® Assembly model with the Parts in a MechDesigner model.

Q: Why do this when MechDesigner is perfect to model motions?

A: Because SOLIDWORKS® has useful tools that include:

Collision Verification

Interference Detection.

The Clearance Detection Tool in SOLIDWORKS shows the exact gap between Parts.

We connect motion-values from Function-Blocks that move the indexer to the CAD Control FB.

When you configure the CAD Control dialog-box, Distance or Angle Mates in SOLIDWORKS® are driven by motion-values in the MechDesigner indexer model.

The motion of the SOLIDWORKS® model is then same as the MechDesigner model. But, do not use Cycle in MechDesigner as the communication between the programs is not fast enough.

tog_minus        Model Preparations in SOLIDWORKS® and MechDesigner

tog_minus        Prepare the Motions in MechDesigner

tog_minus        Add the CAD Control and compare data