Dialog: Function-Block: Gearing

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Dialog: Function-Block: Gearing

Gearing FB

see Add Gearing FB

Use Gearing FB to transform motion-values with a linear mathematical function.

Default Output = Input

Open Gearing FB dialog-box


Edit the Gearing FB

1.Double-click the Gearing FB in the graphic-area.

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Gearing FB dialog-box is now open.

Gearing FB dialog-box


The Gearing FB function is:

Output  = { Red-14-1 × (Input + Red-14-3) } + Red-14-2

Ratio and Phase

Gearing FB dialog-box

Gearing FB dialog-box

Edit one to three Parameters

Red-14-1 Gearing Ratio (See also below Gearing as 'Real' or 'Ratio' )

Red-14-2 Add after Gearing-Ratio

Red-14-3 Add before Gearing-Ratio


Gearing-Ratio =1.5

Add After Gearing-Ratio = 83

Add Before Gearing-Ratio = 23

Input = 37

Output = (1.5*(37+23))+83 = 173

Gearing as 'Real' or 'Ratio' 

Gearing FB dialog-box

Gearing FB dialog-box

You can enter the Gearing Ratio in two ways:

Red-14-4 Gearing as 'Real'  

Enter a real number in the Gearing Ratio Red-14-1 - see above

Red-14-4 Gearing as 'Ratio'

Enter two integers in Red-14-5 & Red-14-6

Gearing RatioRed-14-1b as Ratio

Red-14-5 Input-Pulley = ± All Integers, including zero

Red-14-6 Output-Pulley = Positive Integer ≥ 1