Dialog: Function-Block: Gearing

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Dialog: Function-Block: Gearing

Gearing FB

see Add Gearing FB

Use Gearing FB to transform motion-values* with a linear mathematical function. Open the Gearing FB dialog to edit the parameters in the mathematical function. The default parameters do not change the motion-values.

* Position, Velocity, and Acceleration, with Linear or Angular motion-units.

Click to exapand /collapseHow to open the Gearing FB dialog-box

The Gearing FB dialog is now open.

Gearing FB dialog

Gearing FB dialog

Gearing FB dialog

Click to exapand /collapse Ratio and Phase 
Click to exapand /collapse Gearing as 'Real' or 'Ratio' 



Gearing-Ratio =1.5

Add After Gearing-Ratio = 83

Add Before Gearing-Ratio = 23

Input = 37