Dialog: Function-Block: Motion

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Dialog: Function-Block: Motion

Motion FB

see Add Motion FB

A Motion FB is a direct a link to a Motion, which is identified by its Motion name-tab in MotionDesigner.

After you edit a Motion FB to select a Motion:

The motion-data at the input-connector to the Motion FB control the X-axis of the Motion

The motion-data at the output-connector from the Motion FB correspond to the Y-axis of the Motion

Note: The Motion FB selects the left-most Motion name-tab as the default motion.

How to open the Motion FB dialog


To open the Motion FB dialog

1.Double-click a Motion FB in the graphic-area


1.See How to Open a dialog

The Motion FB dialog is now open.

Motion FB dialog

Motion FB dialog

Motion FB dialog

tog_minus Motion Parameters   
tog_minus Pattern  
tog_minus Query  

Reset or Accumulate after each Motion-Cycle?