Dialog: Function-Block: Motion

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Dialog: Function-Block: Motion

Motion FB

see Add Motion FB

A Motion FB is a link to a Motion and Motion name-tab that you have designed with MotionDesigner.

Open Motion FB dialog-box


Edit the Motion FB:

1.Double-click a Motion FB in the graphic-area

- or -

1.See How to Open a Dialog-Box

The Motion FB dialog-box is now open.

Motion FB dialog-box


The Motion FB function is:

Input = X-axis of Motion

Output  = Y-axis of Motion

Motion Parameters


Select Motion:

Click the drop-down box to select a motion.

The default link is to the leftmost Motion name-tab and Motion.

After each Motion Cycle:

Reset Output: (default)

Start-Position (Machine-Cycle N) = Start-Position (Machine-Cycle 1)

Accumulate Output:

Start-Position (Machine-Cycle N) = End-Position (Machine-Cycle N-1)

Output Data-Type:

Motion : (default, for Rockers and Sliders)

Linear *

Rotary *

*  You must select Linear or Rotary if you connect a wire from a Motion FB to a Motion-Path, or Math FB.

Notes :

Usually, when you cycle the model (ALT+C), the motion-values at the input-connector to a Motion FB increase at a constant rate from 0 to 360, again and again.

However, the input to the Motion FB can be from any Function-Block with any motion-values at its output-connector. For example, from a different Motion FB, a Point-Data FB, or a Measurement FB.


 Pattern  Ignore this separator



1.Enter a Y-axis value

The values in the box (below) are the X-axis values that relate to the Y-axis value for the Selected Motion - see Motion Parameters

Output Option: Reset or Accumulate?

This is best explained with an example.

Use Accumulate Output to model an Indexing-Shaft when the Number-of-Stops is more than one(1) - say Number-of-Stops = 4

Design an Indexing Motion in MotionDesigner - usually with one index-segment (E.g. X-axis: 0-240, Y-axis: 0- 60) and one dwell-segment (X-axis: 240-360, Y-axis 60).

Connect a Linear-Motion FB to a Gearing FB. Connect the Gearing FB to a Motion FB. Connect the Motion FB to a Motion-Dimension FB which controls an indexing-shaft.

Edit the Motion FB. Select the Indexing Motion

Edit the Gearing FB. Edit the Gearing Ratio. Enter 4 (equal to the Number-of-Stops)

The output from Gearing FB = Gearing Ratio × MMA. = 0 to 4 × 360 = 0 to 1440 as the MMA increases from 0 to 360.

If the Output Option = Reset Output:

The Motion-Part (indexing-shaft) jumps to its start position each time the input to the Motion FB reaches an integer multiple of 360.

Thus, it will jump back 4 times as the input increases from 0 to 1440.

If the Output Option = Accumulate Output:

The Motion-Part (indexing-shaft) will index 4 times progressively to complete one full shaft-rotation, as the input increases from 0 to 1440 within one machine-cycle (0 to 360 of the MMA).

It will not return to its start-position each time the input to the Motion FB is an integer-multiple of 360.